Great opportunity to attend March for Life…on us!

Students for Life of America is still accepting applications through its March for Life Pilgrimage Grant Application until October 13th! The grant program is a great offer for a diocese or a larger church. If selected, your diocese or church will be awarded free registration (includes attendance, food, and materials for students) at either our East Coast Conference or our West Coast Conference, plus money up to $1,000 towards travel costs.

It’s easy to apply too! To apply, simply fill out the form at this link or contact Lauren Castillo at We just need to know a few things, such as past participation in the March for Life/Walk for Life, past attendance at our National Conference, and how many students you expect to attend.

We know that trips can be expensive and that students and their families may not always have extra money to spend for trips. That’s why we are here to help. We know attending the March for Life and SFLA Conferences can ignite the fire in these students to return to their schools, churches, and communities and positively transform the culture.

At our conferences this year we will have great national pro-life speakers and workshops. Students and adults will have the chance to network with fellow pro-lifers, meet leaders in the pro-life movement, and learn how to best promote life back home! 100% of the grant recipients last year said it was worth attending and that they would encourage other dioceses and churches to apply so they can experience this transformative weekend!

Thanks to the grant offered by Students for Life, we were able to send high school and university students from Phoenix to both the East Coast and West Coast conferences. They were encouraged by amazing speakers, networked with other passionate youth, and were equipped with many tools to effectively dialogue with their peers regarding this important issue. Our students have spoken highly of their experience, and I would recommend that every diocese take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to form their young people! – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ, Office of Marriage and Respect Life

“When we heard about the SFLA Conference we were super excited and had many students who were interested in going. But being a small church, we really couldn’t afford to take a group. But then I heard about the grant opportunity! The process was simple and it enabled four adult leaders and ten students from our church to attend! The conference was fantastic and the students are excited to go back next year! Our students have since become more involved in the Pro-life movement and they are impacting their families, friends and peers. You don’t want to miss out on the next conference!” – Connections Church, Maryland

4 Reasons to Attend a Local March for Life

By Erica Smith, student at Brigham Young University in Utah

Last month, hundreds of thousands of people attended the Washington D.C. March for Life, and many more marched across the country and around the world. The March for Life is the most important pro-life event of the year. But most of us don’t live in the DC area, so it’s up to us to find local opportunities to make our voices heard.

Abortion has a small presence in my native Utah. The state contains two abortion centers, a Planned Parenthood and an independent clinic. Still, over 3,000 abortions are performed in Utah per year. Pro-Life Utah, the state’s first citizen advocacy group focused specifically on the pro-life cause, was founded less than eighteen months ago in response to the viral Planned Parenthood baby parts videos. Salt Lake City’s first March for Life took place last year, when PLU vice president Deanna Holland discovered there was none. The night before, she gathered thirty-five friends and marched on the state capitol with signs hand painted by her children. This year, theirErica Smith BYU UT MFL second and my first, the turnout swelled to several hundred.

The Pro-Life Generation may also be the social media generation, but sometimes we have to move from Twitter to the public square.  We know the DC March is a commitment of time and money. Plane tickets are expensive and math homework is important. Come on, we’re students here. If your school has a pro-life club that will sponsor a road trip to Washington, great, but on campuses where the pro-life culture is less strong, we’re left to our own devices. Not everybody has the means to make it to the official march. But your participation is just as important-and arguably more so-at small rallies. Here are four reasons to attend (or start) your own March for Life next year.

1) Think globally, act locally

Salt Lake’s March for Life doubled as a diaper drive, raising funds and materials for a nearby pregnancy resource center. Donations went to help mothers and children in our own communities.  Of course, you can donate to national pro-life charities with the click of a button, but it’s more rewarding to hand over gifts you know will benefit local mothers.

2) Keep up with local laws

Marches for Life usually consist of two parts: the March itself, and an informative session before or after where pro-life speakers address marchers. You’ll hear stories from local experts in the pro-life world and learn about abortion issues in your home state. At Salt Lake’s March, I learned that Utah is considering a bill which would require abortion providers to inform patients about the possibility of abortion pill reversal. Attendees were instructed on citizen advocacy tactics they could take to help this law pass. Local Marches educate and empower citizens to combat abortion on the home front.

3) Make news in your own backyard

If Utah hadn’t held their own March for Life, Utah media coverage of the day probably wouldn’t have extended beyond, “Hey, look, our girl Mia Love gave a speech today. Good for her.” And most states don’t have a representative appearing at the DC March for Life. National news usually has consequences for the entire country, but it’s still something that happens “back in Washington”. Hometown marches make it relevant. Get pro-life news featured in your local papers.

4) Make Friends You Can Take Home

Finally, a March for Life is the perfect space to meet like minded people. My favorite part of the day was hearing stories from the women who marched alongside me. I was struck by their raw honesty and feminine solidarity. The question “What brought you here?” yields surprising results. I watched women who had met only minutes ago shared personal stories of miscarriages and childhood abuse when describing how protecting unborn lives became important to them. I made a friend who taught me how to shout messages of love in response to the hissers and booers we passed in the streets. And these are women I get to see again.

The Washington, D.C. March for Life is the crowning pro-life event of the year. I hope one day I’ll be able to make it back East to join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of women, children, and men raising their voices for the unborn.

But until then, I have work to do at home.



So I Attended the SFLA National Conference. Now What?

By Maddie Schulte, Northern Regional Coordinator

When I was 14-years-old, my mom asked me to jump on a bus and head out to D.C. for the March for Life and Students for Life of America Conference. I had always been pro-life but didn’t really know what it all meant. I was blown away. Blown away. How could thousands and thousands of people be marching down Washington protesting the killing of babies? How could our society and government allow this? How come I have never heard about this march or seen it on the news?IMG_0048

My mind was racing with these questions all while chanting “we love babies, yes we do” with thousands of my pro-life friends. The next day our group attended the SFLA conference where I had found my new passion. A kid in a candy shop is the best way to describe my excitement for this movement.

David Bereit, Kristan Hawkins, Jason Jones, and many other pro-life leaders became my equivalent to the typical 14-year-old girls’ obsession with the Jonas Brothers (well I must confess, I loved them too).

My heart had been broken by the horror of abortion but the stories, trainings, and experiences that these pro-life activists shared with us at this conference pieced it back together.

It was then, that day, that I decided to devote the rest of my life to ending abortion.maddie

You may have just attended the March for Life and SFLA Conference and may be feeling some of these same emotions. You may have even just started your first day as a pro-life activist: welcome to the movement. The fire in your heart is burning right now but in a few weeks that fire will burn out.

Here is my advice for keeping that fire alive:

-Contact your Regional Coordinator, they can give you the trainings and resources to help you be the best pro-life activist that you can be

-Find local pro-life events to volunteer at or attend and invite your friends. Check out Pro-Life Future if you are a young adult.

-Meet once a month with other people who attended the March for Life with you and share your experiences with each other and ideas for pro-life activism in your community.

-Start a club at your school, if you already have one, attend meetings and events. Need help doing this? Talk to your Regional Coordinator.

-Pray outside of Planned Parenthood. It’s a surreal emotion knowing what goes on in there.

-Take every opportunity that comes your way to help women in crisis; you may be the only one who cares for the child in her womb.

-Schedule pro-life events into your calendar. If you make this movement a part of your life, it will change your life.

-Have fun. The daunting subject of abortion can weigh you down but this movement is one that speaks life. Smile, you are saving babies lives.

-Start planning and inviting friends to the March for Life and SFLA conference next year. It could change their life.

My conversation with abortion advocates at the March for Life

By Sade Patterson, SFLA Correspondent

There are always those unseen and unheard stories from big events that never make the news but are interesting and compelling. Everyone who attends enormous events will have one to tell.

I attended the annual March for Life this past Friday and I indeed have my own story, one that even surprised me.

The crowd was enormous, a strong wave that flooded Constitution Ave., and the voices of Millennials seemed to be loud enough to be heard in every corner of the city. The energy was electric and contagious with every step towards the Supreme Court. Slowly, thousands of Millennials filled the space in front of the Supreme Court steps, overflowing over the sidewalk and touching the grass of the Capitol. Protesters made a thin line on the curb that divided pro-lifers from each other, standing side-by-side ready to defend abortion rights.

After photographing most of the march and encounters with protesters, I found myself behind the opposition. My co-worker was speaking to four college-aged women who were each holding a bright pink sign that read, “Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.” I sade MFLdecided to join the conversation, which ironically had nothing to do with abortion.

After getting to know the women a bit, I asked the simple question, “What’s your perspective on abortion?”

They explained that they supported abortion, especially if it was healthier for the mother. This gave me a great opportunity to discuss the risks of abortion, to which they were open to hearing. I referenced my local late-term abortion clinic’s consent form in Albuquerque, NM, and how it describes an abortion after 18 weeks to be more dangerous than actually caring the baby to term.

I got an apathetic reaction, which I expected, since understanding the risks of an abortion is not usually tangible.

At this point, I asked if I could explain the perspective of the pro-life movement. I chose to ask this because just feet away there was a preacher with a bullhorn yelling at and condemning pro-choice activists, and I didn’t want these women to walk away not knowing who the pro-life movement really is.

“We are not here to make decisions for women, but rather hoping to inform women of choices other than abortion so they can make an informed decision.”

This interested them so I went on.

“I work at a pregnancy resource center where we offer free resources to pregnant women in need to become self-sufficient and to feel supported enough to choose adoption or become parents while continuing their education or career.”

At that point, the woman who was most engaged in the conversation had a completely different expression on her face. At first she was curious and guarded, but she had now opened up and had a sense of interest in her eyes. She was moved, and she told me how amazing that was to hear.

I shared with her and her friends that I was once in the shoes of a woman who faced the decision of abortion when I found myself pregnant in my sophomore year of college.

If it hadn’t been for Students for Life of America’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative I can’t say with confidence what choice I would have made.

“I share this with you because I want you to know that the pro-life movement has the mission to love both the woman and her baby. Many of us know the struggles of an unplanned pregnancy, and we want women to feel empowered enough to not have to choose between their goals and their child.”

In that moment of the conversation the chanting and yelling in the background had faded, and we were so deeply engaged in this conversation. I noticed a reporter and camerawoman from ABC News had been filing our conversation.

“I love how genuine and sincere your approach is” she told me with excitement in her eyes and a growing smile on her face. I was thankful that the reporter had captured a positive encounter between a pro-life and a pro-choice advocate, and hoped that it would encourage others to find common ground I their conversations and always respect each other.

I was very thankful to have found common ground with these young women, which was that all women deserve to be informed of their decisions and deserve more than abortion.

However, since these women are now aware of the risks of abortion and the alternative options that are readily available, they cannot logically continue to be “pro-woman” and defend abortion. Even though we found common ground in that we all love women, being pro-woman begins in the womb and continues her entire life.

When we recognize that women deserve protection and equality in all stages of life we will be a culture that truly empowers and supports women.

An invitation to join the movement that truly empowers women

By Tina Whittington, Executive Vice President, Students for Life of America.

Never have I felt more accepted and supported as a woman than I have by the pro-life movement.  After experiencing the Women’s March one weekend and the attending the March for Life the next, I felt that I had to speak up.

I was raised in Portland, Oregon which should tell you a lot about the social political climate I was raised in.  I was also raised by a single mother for most of my childhood before she married my awesome step-dad.  I didn’t even know that there was a pro-life movement but after my youth pastor spoke about the value of life at our high school youth group meeting in my Presbyterian church, I knew that I was pro-life.

I still didn’t know what to do with my newfound position but I knew that life from the moment of conception until natural death was valuable and that I was against the intentional ending of all humans.

When I was in college, I started having cysts on my ovaries that would burst and end me up in the hospital.  Doctors suggested I start taking hormonal birth control pills to stop the cysts from forming and rupturing.  Of course, I listened and went on the Pill.  The year I was on the Pill, I gained 20 pounds (which is a lot for someone who is just over five feet tall), and started experiencing some deep depression.IMG_9477

I spoke with some of my married friends in the same boat and found out they were experiencing similar symptoms had been prescribed anti-depressants or were taking St. John’s Wort to combat the depression they were feeling from the drug.

In the meantime, I joined a gym to try to combat the weight issue.

In my early 20’s, I met Rock for Life and they were speaking out for the preborn from the stage at concerts, festivals, and even recruiting bands to take up the pro-life cause and speak out.  It was from this organization that I learned about the harm the birth control pill can have on a woman’s body and that it can act as an abortifacient, ending the life of a child right after conception.

Through Rock for Life I was pointed to another great organization – Northwest Family Services – where I learned about natural fertility methods and worked with Nurse Rose to naturally treat my ovarian cysts and infrequent ovulation.

It was within the pro-life movement, that for the first time, I was exposed to how my body worked and to learn to embrace the way my fertility was uniquely designed.  I felt empowered as a woman and supported to discover just how awesome it is to be formed in such a way as to conceive, carry, and then nurse a baby.  And understand how to work with my body to either delay pregnancy or facilitate pregnancy.  This was a special gift for me and my marriage.  This is something I never would have discovered without the pro-life movement.

After I got married and became a mother, I spent nine-and-a-half years as a stay-at-home mom, or what I like to call a Mommy CEO.  During that time I found ways to continue to share my own empowerment with other women.

We welcomed a teen mother and her baby to live with our family and helped her through the process of getting state support, finding a job, creating budgets, and finding ways to commute to and from her job.  I also mentored single moms who were navigating difficult life situations.  I was also afforded the opportunity to join a local Rachel’s Vineyard team who provided healing retreat weekends for women and 32517222166_e65020f81c_zmen who were struggling after their abortion experience.

It was in the pro-life movement that I was able to navigate this time in my life and get the support I needed to balance taking care of four children, finding childcare to be able to do some of this work, and get the mentoring I needed to figure out how to make this all work.  I felt 100% supported in my decision to give up my career and stay at home with my kids and I also felt encouraged to find ways to continue to empower other women.

Then something terrible happened: my husband, who was the financial supporter of our family, lost his job.  If you have never experienced something like this, let me tell you it is not fun. I experienced the first panic attack I have ever had about a week a fter, when I started thinking about the daunting task of paying bills, buying food, and taking care of our kids with no salary.

In order to work through this time, I started applying for jobs, all kinds of jobs, and if you have ever been a mother who has been out of the workforce you know how hard it is to find a job when you have a nine-year blip in your resume.

Again, it was within the pro-life movement that I was accepted.  It was at Students for
32558270285_8778678580_zLife that I found someone who was willing to take a risk on a woman with a nine-year blip on her resume, four children that I may have to take time off to care for on occasion, and an acceptance that my passion for life could tie us altogether as a team even when I was the oldest person they had ever hired and in a significantly different season of life than they were.

To those at the Women’s March who were told to reject their natural and healthy fertility through birth control pills…

To those who were told to be a feminist you have to reject your amazing ability to conceive and carry a child to term through abortion-on-demand…

To those where were told that women must fit a very specific political mold in order to be accepted…

I am inviting you to a different movement!

Next year, please come to the March for Life and experience what it means to embrace your body for what it was designed for and instead reject hormones and chemicals that can actively harm your body.  Meet women who are walking through different seasons of life and have various social and political beliefs but have stood firm for supporting other women with real, tangible help and resources, and reject the idea that we must fit a specific mold to be accepted by each other.

March for Life prep: Sign-Making

In less than 24 hours, the #ProLifeGen will be out in FULL FORCE at the March for Life.  Student groups across the country have been preparing for this day: buying extra handwarmers, stocking up on snacks, and of course… making signs!

I crashed a sign-making party last night just to see what everyone was up to, and it was SO encouraging.sign1

With this year’s March theme in mind, The Power of One, let’s take a look at how these young people are making a difference:

Eric and Erica Valenstein, leaders at Connections Church of the Nazarene in Baltimore, MD welcomed students into their home to joyously prepare for the March for Life.

“There has been a lot of negativity with protestors recently.  I wanted to make signs that spread words of love, truth, positivity, and hope.  I want our students to know you can still stand up for what you believe in a loving positive way,” explained Erica.

It is so important to teach our students the power of their words.  Way to go, church leaders!

sign2Julie Vyas, mom of 4 (an extra kid snuck in the picture), brought her whole family to join in the effort. The pro-life position is one that kids of all ages can understand – just look at their sign!  All Life Matters.

What a difference this strong mother is making by sharing life-affirming values with her children.

Liberty, who is in middle school, shared why she will be marching tomorrow, “I am marching because I want to be able to share my opinions about life with my friends and family.”

Yes!  She gets it.  Her boldness will inspire others.

Kelly, another middle school student, colored in my favorite Alice Paul quote, “Abortion is the Ultimate Exfoliation of Women” and agrees that women deserve better than abortion.  She even wore her “I am the Pro-Life Generation” sticker to school this week.  I wasn’t even that bold in middle school!sign3

Some students joining the party were already in college and thinking about how they will use their gifts to save lives.  A.J. Vivik and Desiree Bennett helped to create the classic, “A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small” sign quoting Dr. Seuss.  It’s a perfect fit, because A.J. is a premed biochemistry major, and future pro-life physician.

“I believe that humans are given a blessing with the ability of carrying a baby in the womb, the safest place possible.  There is an intricate relationship and process that occurs creating a human from fertilization through blastulation and gastrulation; it proves to me that purpose exists at the time of conception.”  … spoken like a true biochem major.

BRB while I go Google some of those words.sign5

And finally, Josh, a high school student, makes his sign while proudly sporting his Rock for Life T-Shirt.  This bold high schooler wears his shirt to school regularly and is not afraid of sharing the truth, “We’re marching for people who can’t defend themselves – and killing babies is wrong!”

Well.  There you have it.  A teenage boy just summed up the most basic principle in all of humanity.

Long after tomorrow’s March is over, these young people will continue to make a difference.  It’s because of simple efforts like these, we WILL Abolish Abortion in our Lifetime.

Free hotel stay during the March for Life

After hearing about just how life-changing our Students for Life National Conference has been for so many young leaders, one of our long-time supporters just called and offered a generous grant to help us bring more people to our National Conferences than ever before.

Because we all know that staying in DC an extra night for the Students for Life National Conference is one of the biggest expenses you will have.

Here’s what our donor has offered to do:

Any student group (college, high school, youth group) that is coming to the March for Life in Washington and hasn’t registered yet for the Students for Life of America East Coast National Conference can get free hotel housing in Maryland near the conference venue if they register within the next two weeks.

Here’s the catch: We only have enough funds to pay for hotels for one night (so it’s first come, first served) and there will be four people to a room. Further, this awesome new opportunity only applies to student groups (10 people or more) who have never been to the Students for Life National Conference or who haven’t been to our Conference since 2013.

Want to make sure your group can come to our East Coast National Conference on Saturday, January 28th (the day after the March for Life)?

Simply fill out this form

From there, we will send you the link to register for the conference and form to fill out for the free hotel rooms! The registration fee for the conference is only $45 per person and that includes free shuttle rides to and from the metro station, lunch, and dinner – plus, now, a free hotel night!

Check out the amazing, jam-packed schedule for break-out and general sessions featuring Abby Johnson, Josh Brahm, Shawn Carney and more at:

If you can’t make it out to our East Coast National Conference but want to be at the West Coast National Conference on Sunday, January 22nd, you can register for that event easily at The first 100 to register get 50% off their registration! Use the code: FIRST100

Nominate Your Group for SFLA’s Group of the Year Awards!

Every year, Students for Life of America is honored to award prizes to student groups and leaders at our National Conferences! These cash prizes can help further the outreach efforts and the effectiveness of these groups at their schools.

To award these prizes to deserving students and groups, we need you to nominate the groups and leaders you think deserve recognition – you can even nominate your own group! Listed below are the categories, prize amounts, and nomination forms for each award. Winning groups must be present at the SFLA West or East Coast National Conference to receive the award.

Applications are due no later than January 13, 2017. Email us (link to your applications today!


College  Group  Awards

2017 College Group of the Year

$1,000 Prize

This award will recognize the all-around excellence of one college pro-life student group. The SFLA College Group of the Year will demonstrate success in areas of campus activism, recruitment, and community involvement.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 College Group of the Year Award Application


2017 New College Group of the Year

$500 Prize

This award will recognize an outstanding new pro-life college group that was formed between January 2016 and December 2016. The New College Group of the Year Award will be given to a group that has shown success in recruiting members and raising awareness about abortion on campus.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 New College Group of the Year Award Application


2017 Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year

Prize: $250 (in gift cards)

The Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year Award will recognize the achievements of two Students for Life college groups that have excelled in promoting pregnant and parenting resources. (One award will be given to an East Coast group; the other award will be given to an West Coast group.)

The SFLA Pregnant on Campus Groups of the Year should demonstrate success in pregnant and parenting advocacy and outreach on their college campus. This group should show significant efforts to change their campus to embrace practices and policies that protect and assist pregnant and parenting students.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 PonC Group of the Year Award

High School Group Awards

2017 High School Group of Year

$1,000 Prize

This award will recognize the all-around excellence of one high school pro-life student group. The SFLA High School Group of the Year will demonstrate success in activism, recruitment, and community involvement.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 High School Group of the Year Award Application


2017 New High School Group of the Year

$500 Prize

The New High School Group of the Year will be given to the student pro-life group who has best developed and organized an innovative way to share the pro-life message at their high schools or in their homeschool communities.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 New High School Group of the Year Award Application

Why come to our national conferences? Former attendees tell all!

Students for Life of America will be hosting its 11th annual national conference in January 2017 in Washington, DC and its fourth annual conference in San Francisco. The theme of “Heroic” follows the annual March for Life in DC and the West Coast March for Life in San Francisco. The East Coast National Conference is the largest social gathering of pro-life youth in the world. Students who attend the SFLA conferences will benefit from extensive training that is designed to improve their leadership and help them end abortion in their lifetime.UNM1

But why take it from us, when we have former attendees willing to talk about how awesome the conferences are themselves?

According to Anja Scheib, the SFLA conference is “a once-a-year opportunity to be trained by, hear, and see up close the leadership of the pro-life movement.”

Scheib is a former Wilberforce Fellow and former President of Mississippi State Students for Life. She will be leading the Pregnant on Campus breakout session at the DC conference, a conference she has attended herself in the past as a student leader. “It really benefited me to have in-person Q&A with pro-life organizations I usually only get the chance to read about.”

Samantha Serrano, who founded Students for Life at the University of New Mexico, expressed how the conference gave her and other students the tools to abolish abortion: “The National Conference is a fantastic resource! It is absolutely incredible to be among so many other young pro-lifers who are just as excited to end abortion as you are. It is the perfect place to go to get inspiration on how you can address the problems of abortion in your own community. You will leave feeling equipped and motivated to abolish abortion.”

Lauren Castillo, National Diocesan Relations Director & National Faith Foundations Program Director for SFLA, said the national conference impacted her future working in the pro-life movement:

“I was first introduced to the SFLA National Conference when I was leading my SFL group in college. It was because of those relationships that I was able to build through that experience that I am now doing pro-life missionary work full-time with Students for Life of America. It has been so exciting watching these conferences positively and tremendously impacts the students’ lives that attend.”

Castillo stresses the importance the SFLA conferences have made in the lives of many pro-life leaders: “Many of the students I have worked with over the past four years students-for-life-conferenceattribute their roles in the pro-life movement as being initiated at the conference itself. There is nothing comparable to learning from the top national pro-life leaders with years, and even lifetimes of experiences, and with thousands of other high school and college students your age. I think every young pro-life student should attend these conferences so they can connect with others, re-energize their efforts, find tangible ways to become active, and learn valuable material.”

Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator Bethany Janzen went to the conference as a sophomore and member of Oregon Students for Life, and describes it as the highlight of her year: “After an intense day at the Walk for Life counter-protesting a radical pro-abortion group, I had the opportunity to learn in a relaxed, yet professional environment from top apologists and the leaders of the pro-life movement.”

arizonastateJanzen continues to attend the West Coast conference three years later and recommends, “that students attend so that they become better equipped to abolish abortion and change the world!”

The Heroic conference will meet in San Francisco on January 22, 2017 and in Washington DC on January 28, 2017. Sign up here:

Students will hear from pro-life leaders and organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, Kristan Hawkins with SFLA, Josh Brahm with Equal Rights Institute, and Rebecca Haschke with Justice for All. Several breakout workshops will teach students how to successfully participate in Pregnant on Campus, the Real Sex Week, and 40 Days for Life, and more initiatives that make positive impacts on their campus.

Volunteer Opportunity!

Looking for a way to help out at the March for Life and the Students for Life National Conference in Washington, D.C. this January?  Then we have the opportunity for you!!!

We have 24 volunteer spots available.  We need volunteers to help SFLA pass out signs at the March for Life on Friday, January 27th and to help out the following day, Saturday, January 28th at our National Conference.

Duties include:

Friday, January 27th – March for Life

Working at a distribution site at the March for Life from 8am – 1pm when the March begins (or earlier if your signs get distributed early and there are no other distribution sites that need help).  We also need one person to be a social media runner from 10am – 3pm delivering SD cards from March for Life Route to Digital Media Strategist to get content online.  This person must be able to ride a bike.

Saturday, January 28th – SFLA National Conference

Various volunteer responsibilities from registration, crowd control, meal distribution, and clean up.  The day will begin at 7am and end by 8pm at the latest based on job assignments and the volunteer’s individual travel plans.

Volunteers will receive hotel accommodations with the SFLA team at the Metro Points Hotel for the nights of Friday, January 27th and Saturday, January 28th and a free admission to the SFLA East Coast National Conference.

To apply fill out the form below and we will contact you for an interview.