Gosnell Movie Needs to be Shown Everywhere

By Missy Stone, National Field Director at Students for Life of America.

I don’t cry in movies. I never have. People who know me find that interesting because I am a very emotional person, so it’s surprising that my emotions aren’t triggered during moving or heart wrenching films. However, today was an exception.

I watched Gosnell.

As the movie was concluding, I stood in my kitchen and cried. Not only cried, sobbed. It was the ugly cry you’re glad no one is around to see. It’s not that I don’t know the story Gosnell movieor that I was surprised, but watching the scenes unfold made it so real. There’s a difference between hearing the stories on the news and watching a true depiction of a young girl sitting in the courtroom describing the horrors of what happened behind those doors. (The testimonies were taken directly from courtroom documents.)

Kermit Gosnell is a sociopath who killed women by botching abortions and leaving them to bleed to death or overdosing them on drugs. He delivered babies alive and then snipped their spines as they cried and put them on shelves. He had teenagers preforming medical procedures and administering anesthetics in his absence. His facility was described as a “House of Horrors” with bags of baby body parts stuffed in the refrigerator, down the garbage disposal, in glass jars in cabinets. He was documented for 211 Health Code Violations.

After multiple complaints to the health department, even one hand-delivered by another OBGYN in the area because his patients were contracting STD’s after seeing Gosnell, no one inspected his abortion facility, Women’s Health Society. And people died because of it. According to them, inspecting an abortion facility somehow infringes on women’s rights.

Pro-choice and pro-life people alike want to believe this is the exception. It’s not. Douglas Karpen and Leroy Carhart are guilty of the same atrocities. A Planned Parenthood in Delaware was recently shut down because they were not properly sterilizing equipment because it took too long and they wanted to perform as many abortions as possible. There’s no telling how many more stories are out there like this that our government officials are ignoring in the name of “protecting women’s rights.”

Gosnell is not the exception. He’s the norm. And we have to open our eyes, put our biases’ aside and accept the truth.

Will we let people be silent about abortion because they don’t want to offend people? People will die. Will we let people personally believe abortion is wrong but not want to take away a women’s right to choose? People will continue to die. Will we let people protect their precious abortion at the expense of health standards, sterile facilities, and women’s lives? People will keep dying.

We have to get the word out that this is the abortion industry. They are about business, not women’s rights.

Every woman has the right to go into a medical facility and come out without an STD. Every woman has the right to undergo surgery without wondering if the people performing it are licensed professionals.

People need to watch this film and films like it. We need to watch it and remind ourselves why we are fighting, why we push day in and day out to abolish abortion. But we also have to show this film to those who don’t understand what the abortion industry is really like. We have to tell them the truth.

Help us share this message. We can’t let Gosnell be forgotten.

Gosnell is expected to be released this year. Stay tuned to studentsforlife.org for more information on how you can see it and bring it to your own campus.


What would a late-term abortionist say to med students? I found out.

By Michele Hendrickson, Capital Area Regional Coordinator

Last week, on February 3rd, Johns Hopkins University’s Medical Students for Choice hosted Dr. Leroy Carhart at an open invitation dinner event. Dr. Carhart is one of only a handful of late-term abortionists in the country, who by his own admission has committed 80-100K abortions, and hasn’t done a lecture in public for years.

Around 6:45PM, a crowd of 50 or so gathered inside one of Armstrong Medical Education Building’s lecture halls in preparation for Carhart’s talk.

As we all lined up to sign-in to the building’s security desk, I realized Leroy himself was just one person behind me awaiting his turn.


The man who I’ve only read about in press releases that covered his latest medical fiasco, was now so close to me that I could determine which parts of his shirt needed to be tucked in a bit more.  (The right side)

The evening ran a bit behind while we all waited for the Chinese food delivery to arrive, although I hardly had an appetite.  My goal for the night was to fit in and glean as much information as I could.  This was a huge chance to honestly observe and learn the perspectives of late-term abortion supporters.  Here were some of the highlights:

  • Carhart reflected on his past experience with Supreme Court cases and fighting against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, [in the first few minutes] “In reality if you think about an abortion, there isn’t an abortion done that doesn’t remove part of the fetus before it dies, and the rest of it afterwards. So it was really, could be interpreted as a total-abortion ban. Or definitely was interpreted as a second-trimester ban.  Anything after 14 weeks.” Unless of course, you are Leroy Carhart, one of about four others in the entire country who makes a living ending the lives of babies as far along as 30+ weeks.  Babies who can feel pain or be born and survive.   He prided himself of being among the few to perform “fetal injections”, thus euthanizing the baby from the inside as a loop hole to the Partial-Birth Ban.
  • JHU student and Voice for Life member Katherine Hamlet asked Carhart his opinion on the upcoming Supreme Court case, Whole Women’s Health vs. Cole, which challenges many of the common sense requirements finally being placed on abortion facilities. Certainly someone like Leroy Carhart who has claimed the lives of young women through abortion would see the importance of running a clinic that is up to par, yes?  Not so much.

“As far as like having hospital-type requirements for the clinic, which is what they want, ya know 250 square foot surgery rooms, 6ft aisles and 6ft hallways, and it’s just ludicrous.  It’s just not needed.”

  • I often hear challenges from students such as, “no one knows when life begins” or “it’s not a baby”, yet here they all sat in awe and wonder as Carhart spoke on and on… about dead babies and the methods he uses to kill them. He described the importance of using the fetal injections because then “[the babies] were not alive after the first visit.  They were dead
  • [Beginning of the tape] He explained the Supreme Court ruling that it was “illegal to remove a fetus partly before killing the fetus, and then deliver the rest of the parts.”

About 15 minutes in, he explained how he knows a baby could never be born alive using his procedure of fetal injections because “We know the baby has been dead for multiple days.”

  • Carhart made a few confusing and contradictory statements concerning his role in the woman’s choice to have an abortion. He made a statement that he performs abortions at such late stages of gestation based on “extreme cases” and not simply due to “unplanned pregnancies”.   [About 12 minutes] “Most of us are probably results of unplanned pregnancies (laughter from the audience).  However there are pregnancies that are devastating to a woman’s plans.”

Then he changes his tune and says, “Certainly if it was an unplanned pregnancy and they come to the office I’ll take care of them.  I see my part as a provider to provide abortions to the people who have made up their mind that that’s what they need.  I will not help the patient to make that decision… I’m not going to put myself in her head and say if it’s a good idea or a bad idea.”

Then later when pressed on the issue he states, “I have to be totally convinced that they know that this is not just the option that they need, but it’s the only option that they need.”

A student continues to push, “Is that just like a gut feeling?”

Carhart responds, “I don’t know.  I hope we’ve made it a little more scientific than a gut feeling.  I can tell you I’ve rejected people who everybody else thought we should do.  And, should I do that?  I don’t know.”  — wait, what??

  • Hang in there, we’re almost to the end of the evening, and almost at the pinnacle of shocking statements. This next comment is brought to us by a student who asked, “What is your advice for those wanting to become future abortion providers?”

[About 17:20] “When you’re burned out of doing labor and delivery and OB and Gynecology and you’re 55 or so, you might come back and work in the abortion field.”  Did I just hear that correctly?  When you’re done bringing life into the world, switch it up and end some instead.

  • [About 20:30] Student Question: “I’m wondering if your clinic provides any support, mental health support, for the women who come see you.”Carhart: “We don’t – but we have referral sources.” Anyone shocked here?
  • Someone asked Carhart to explain some of the worst fetal abnormalities he has seen [around 40 minutes in]. He lists several but then defends aborting babies with Down Syndrome. He discusses how he hears from families who have a child with Downs who is doing great but says that you can’t even know that in advance so aborting babies with Downs is fine to do.

As the evening came to a close, there was one last remark Carhart gave which made everything else seem like an episode of Sesame Street.

“I believe I’m doing God’s work.”

This is not in the recording as it was an impromptu response to a question asked in a small group setting later by Andrew Guernsey, a senior at Johns Hopkins and former president of Voice for Life.  Guernsey asked if Carhart considered himself a Christian, and his response was yes.

Carhart then shared with our small group that, to him, the Bible isn’t clear on the issue of abortion.  If Jesus didn’t say anything against it exactly – then it’s all good to him.

Lastly, he offered to all the students in the room to come visit his abortion facility and see for themselves exactly what happens inside.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m starting to feel a little ill – and I don’t think it’s the Chinese food.

Carhart’s entire discussion is available here:

The very NEXT day after this talk, an ambulance was called to Carhart’s late-term abortion facility in Maryland, for the second time this year. More info is here on that call.

Inhuman: It’s Time to Stop the Killing

IMG_4793By Kristan Hawkins

This week Live Action put out a new undercover video exposing America’s inhuman late-term abortion industry.  This latest one has DC abortionist Cesare Santangelo on tape saying of a baby born alive during an abortion, “We would not help it.”

The sad truth is that these undercover videos from Live Action are simply showing business as usual for the abortion industry and their Goliath, Planned Parenthood. Cesare Santangelo, along with his ally, Kermit Gosnell, both murder children for profit. They have both been proven to violate the law.

For 92% of 18-24 year olds, these videos are shocking and go against our beliefs that abortion should never be legal in the 3rd trimester. This isn’t mainstream. This isn’t choice. This is murder and exploitation.

The videos that have come out are personal to me. In 2008, when I was pregnant with my first son, I had a nurse at a federally-funded New Jersey Planned Parenthood tell me that my son could be aborted at 22 weeks by simply birthing him and letting him die. She told me on tape that “It does happen, where it’s still alive…but it wouldn’t be able to survive on its own, so eventually the baby does die.”

This is illegal. Birthing babies and refusing to give them medical attention that they would receive at the hospital just down the street – it’s barbaric. How can we allow this to happen in our civilized nation?

Today, I call on the Washington, D.C. Attorney General, Irvin Nathan, the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., Ronald Machen, the D.C. Department of Health, and City Council to see to it that Dr. Santangelo and his Washington Surgi-Clinic’s licenses are revoked and are duly investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

What happens inside this facility every day is illegal. It’s murder, it’s exploitation of women, it’s inhuman. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not support this. It’s time to protect women and babies from predators like Dr. Santangelo and Kermit Gosnell.

It’s time to stop the killing.

Kristan speaking at the Live Action “Stop the Killing Rally