Former SFLA Leader, Kelsey Hazzard, Continues to Fight for the Pre-Born

I’ve mentioned before how much I love hearing from former SFL students and leaders who have made a difference in the lives of others, or from someone directly affected by what a Students for Life group has done for them.

Recently, I was in touch with Kelsey Hazzard, a former Students for Life leader and founder of Secular pro-life, a group she started in 2009 to combat pro-abortion initiative across the spectrum of faith. This is her story:

“I became involved in the pro-life movement while I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Miami.  When I realized that my college had a VOX group (Planned Parenthood’s student chapter), and no pro-life group to counter them, I knew I had to do something.  Coincidentally, a Students for Life of America field agent arrived on campus just a couple of weeks later!  I served as the first president of University of Miami Respect Life, which quickly became far more active than VOX and is still going strong two years after my graduation.

Casey Anthony and the Case for Inconsistency

By now, everyone has gotten wind of the “not guilty” verdict handed to Casey Anthony just last week.  This coming after she spent the last three years in an Orange County, Florida Jail awaiting trial to determine whether or not she murdered her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

No matter what your opinion of whether or not Casey Anthony should be free or serve a life sentence – or something more severe – the tragedy surrounding the loss of this beautiful little girl cuts to the heart of everyone. No two-year-old should become a household name because of a murder trial. No toddler should meet such a horrific end, no matter what the circumstances.

It seems like the only heart wrenching truth we’re able to take from this story is the inconsistency of public opinion. A two-year-old girl is gone, and the public is still mourning the loss; rightly so. But thousands of children are murdered every day in our country and the public stays silent. Why is the murder of a young girl met with national media attention and outrage while the murder of a preborn baby is met with indifference and, sometimes, defensiveness? How is the topic of abortion any less of a murder than what was examined in the Casey Anthony trial?

“Worries are temporary, but our love for our boys will never end.”

I am always excited when a supporter reaches out and lets me know that they’ve been touched or helped directly by our pro-life efforts. Recently, a young woman wrote to me to tell me that one of our groups supported her during her pregnancy and encouraged her to carry full-term. Now, because of the help of one campus group, she is the proud mother of two beautiful twin boys!

She now shares her story with the hope that she can pass on the love and support she received from a Students for Life group in her time of need. This is her story:

“In college, I was able to meet a wonderful student who was considering becoming a part of UWF Students for Life. While studying, we began to discuss abortion and I mentioned that I honestly didn’t have an opinion on being for or against the issue. He convinced me to go to the meeting on campus, and I was moved by the negative things I learned about abortion. At the meeting, 40 Days for Life was mentioned and a fellow classmate and I decided to get involved.

Cigarette graphics: What about abortion?

Sign the Abortion Warning Label Petition Now!!


  • Catholic Coalition of New Mexico
  • Gerry Nadal
  • Human Life Alliance
  • International Right to Life Federation
  • Life Coalition International
  • Life Issues Institute
  • Life Legal Defense Foundation
  • One More Soul
  • Operation Rescue
  • Prolife Nation
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  • Secular Pro-life
  • Students for Life of Illinois
  • Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

This week, the FDA announced new restrictions on cigarette packages, forcing manufacturers to feature prominent graphic images on the front of every cigarette package to warn smokers of harmful effects that smoking can have on their health and those around them.

When picking up their cigarette packages, smokers will see pictures of a man blowing smoke out of a hole in his neck, a smoker’s mouth riddled with cancer, a baby under a cloud of smoke, and a deceased man, among other colored graphics.

The nine new graphics, which will include phrases like “Warning: Cigarettes are addictive”, “Warning: Tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in non-smokers”, and “Warning: Smoking During Pregnancy Can Harm Your Baby”, are due to appear on all cigarette packages by October 2012.

You can view the graphic warnings here:

This marks the biggest change in cigarette package warnings in over a quarter of a century and notes the shift in American public opinion about smoking.

Yet, what about abortion? Where are these warning labels?

In Defense of Click-tivism

There’s a lot to be said for the power that social media holds when spreading the pro-life message, and Students for Life of America is no stranger to the benefits of expanding online. We build petitions through various websites, host online training and networking webcasts, and create numerous blog posts all to reach out and engage people in our message. But how effective are social media tools when it comes to saving lives directly? What impact do online resources have on significantly enhancing the pro-life movement?

Well, as it turns out, quite a bit. One of the benefits of using online resources like social media sites is that they allow small organizations with little to no full-time staff to make a difference simply by having an effective message to post and making a few smart decisions. Efforts like these have led to women changing their minds and deciding to carry their children full-term. Take, for instance, a story one of our 2011 Missionaries recently told us. After posting a string of pro-life Facebook statuses, she received a call from someone who had a friend contemplating abortion. Amazingly enough, our Missionary had never met the young man who decided to call her for help that night, but he was moved by the strength in her posts and was confident that she would be able to suggest how to approach his friend and refer her to local resources. Ultimately, the young woman felt supported and confident enough to carry to term and is now excitedly awaiting the arrival of her child!

A Man’s Choice?

By Jackie Anderson, SFLA Communications Director

June is unofficially the month of men. Father’s Day falls on June 19th this year. The release of X-Men: First Class last week helped to begin the month with a testosterone-infused rush to the box office. Like similar holidays, we take time this month to celebrate those whom we love, those who have loved us from the start, and sometimes, those we may not see as often as we wish.

Men play an intrinsically different role in our lives than women do. From an early age, we’re taught the idiosyncrasies that make men who they are, and similarly, that make women equally as unique. Baby boys get blue painted rooms and toy trucks after their first sonogram; little girls will wear pink ruffles and decide to cut their Barbie’s hair themselves. Boys scrape their knees climbing trees and girls will discover early on that a slumber party with best friends beats the outdoors any day. Men are categorized for their power and strength; women for their gentle, nurturing souls. The question, after the aforementioned and established cultural deliberation, is this: when did it become acceptable to remove men from the topic of abortion?

New Article on SFLA: The rise of future anti-abortion-rights OB-GYNs

By: Sofia Resnick
Originally posted on The American Independent

In April, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill that makes it illegal for state colleges to fund medical residency programs that offer abortion training with state or federal money, including money paid by students as part of tuition or fees.

But what began as a rare seed in a nationwide garden of abortion-defunding measures has blossomed into a national movement to reduce the number of medical professionals who are trained to provide abortions. Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure that would ban health centers from using federal funds for comprehensive medical training that includes instruction of abortion procedures.

Obama’s Grave Assault on Medical Conscience Rights

By: Kristan Hawkins

During the past two years, Americans have seen the expansion of the federal government into sectors of their economy and personal life as never before.  And earlier this year, the Obama administration quietly moved into a new area of American life, one of its most intimate, the patient-doctor relationship.

Like the Obama takeovers of the automobile industry, the banking industry and then the health care industry, the new conscience-rights assault is the administration’s latest attempt to fundamentally change our nation as we know it.

In February, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the rescission of most of the Bush administration’s 2008 conscience protections, removing the rights of doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals to object to prescribing or dispensing known abortifacient drugs such as Plan B and ella.

SFLA and Cardinal Newman Society Send Letter to President of Villanova University

Arlington, VA- Students for Life and the Cardinal Newman Society sent a letter to Father Peter Donohue, President of Villanova University, asking him to reconsider the University’s decision to host and honor Senator Bob Casey because of his public opposition to Church teaching and his pro-abortion record in the U.S. Senate.

As announced yesterday, Villanova University will be hosting and honoring Senator Bob Casey at the 2011 Commencement Ceremony this Sunday. Senator Casey has a record of supporting pro-abortion legislation such as Obamacare and federal funding of international pro-abortion organizations, while also voting to place Justice Kagan on the Supreme Court.

SFLA Launches Petition Asking Villanova University to Rescind Honor for Pro-Abortion Senator Casey

Arlington, VA- Students for Life of America launched a petition today asking Villanova University, an Augustinian university*, not to host or honor Senator Bob Casey at their upcoming 2011 Commencement exercises.

The petition can be viewed here:

Villanova University will be honoring Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey with the degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa and have asked him to deliver the Commencement Address for the Class of 2011.

Upon releasing the petition, Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America commented, “A Catholic university should not be honoring a man who has not only voted for pro-abortion Obamacare and to increase taxpayer spending on abortions overseas, but also voted to place Elena Kagan, one of the most radical, pro-abortion justices , on the Supreme Court for life. When a Catholic institution honors and hosts an individual who publicly