BREAKING: School Administrator Accosts SFLA Coordinator, Rips Lit From Students Hands During Peaceful Flyer Hand-Out

While standing on the street corner outside Marina High School in Marina, California Wednesday morning, a school administrator hurriedly came outside to verbally accost Steve Macias, West Coast Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America, and demanded that he and other pro-lifers who were passing out pro-life literature immediately leave campus grounds. When asked…


The Pregnant on Campus Initiative is a response to the stunning statistic that over 46% of abortions in America are performed on college-aged women. When faced with an unintended or crisis pregnancy, many students feel forced to choose between continuing their education or raising their child. Too often, college campuses do not provide the necessary resources…

IVF – What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

In vitro fertilization (IVF) isn’t a topic that often crops up in pro-life circles, but I think it’s important to highlight this as an issue that affects the movement directly and has a profound impact on the way we view the dignity and value of every human life, both in and outside the womb. The…

A Question the Pro-Life Movement Must Answer

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been asked what my stance is on contraception. It’s not breaking news that many oral contraceptives and some invasive barrier methods (IUD) have been proven to cause abortion, including the highly controversial ella and Plan B drugs, and I stand firmly against the use of anything that destroys a life created at conception. But what about contraception that prevents conception from taking place?

I’m not the only one who has gotten this question; people want to know how the pro-life movement as a whole feels about this.

In fact, the medical students we reach out to face this question on a daily basis.

This question is a hard one to answer, which is why many avoid it: What is the pro-life movement’s stance on contraception, including methods that prevent conception?

Academic Advisors: A New Threat to the Pro-Life Movement?

Our team and the thousands of students we work with across the nation know how tough starting and maintaining a student-run, pro-life campus group is. Not only do these students face the liberal agendas of their college administrations and professors, but garnering support for anything controversial can be a bigger job than tackling the actual issue at hand. Even students at Christian and other known religious and conservative schools have discovered that leading a pro-life group is no cakewalk.

What has been brought to my attention more and more recently though is the growing number of pro-life student groups that are close to extinction because of the inability to find an academic advisor.

In fact, this was an issue for me when I was in college. The few pro-life professors on campus were too afraid to sponsor our group at the risk of losing tenure, and the fight to find an advisor nearly crippled our group. Before graduation, I was finally able to convince a liberal, pro-abortion political science professor who respected me as a pupil to be our official advisor. She obviously didn’t agree with our views, but she knew that our threat of being wiped out based solely on not being able to find an advisor simply wasn’t right.

And it’s not.

But how does this coincide with the mantra of most universities to be open to new ideas, thought, and expression?

How to be an Everyday Social Justice Hero

By: Jackie Anderson
SFLA Communications Director

Recently, a member of our staff forwarded me this, it’s a 7-step, easy-to-read and horrifically misguided list on how to further indoctrinate our culture with the message of death from – how appropriate.

What bothers me most about this heart-wrenching list is not the comments listed under it (one reader went so far as to say that this “thoughtful and questioning” list will generate “gestures of kindness and respect that will eventually make the world a better place.”) It’s also not their use of the term “social justice” when referring to how readers can spread abortion acceptance even further.

It’s the way they twist words like “love” and “learn” and “support”. Love isn’t murdering a child. Learning isn’t turning a blind eye to real social justice. Support isn’t almost 40 years of legalized child killing.

BREAKING NEWS: Call to Shut Down Two Kansas Abortion Facilities!

Last month, a Federal Judge in Topeka, Kansas issued a temporary restraining order that prevented an abortion facility licensing law from going into effect, which would add to the significant pile of statewide pro-life legislation sweeping the nation. In addition to mandating that abortionists must have hospital privileges within 30 miles of their clinics, the law contains a severability clause, which means that all portions of the law that have no Constitutional challenge can remain in effect while other, contested parts are litigated. That means that any challenges to the law won’t hinder its ability to save lives until a final ruling.

This law would be a huge boost to enhancing pro-life legislation, but unfortunately, self-proclaimed “pro-life” Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has refused to file the one-page brief, clearly shoving the wellbeing of children, women and families in his state aside.

British Medical Students Embrace the Culture of Life

I spend lot of time talking about how the Tide is Turning in America – how more young people today are considering themselves pro-life than ever before, and how, especially with individual states fighting back against the taxpayer funding of large abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood, we’re starting to see significant changes in a nation that’s been fighting legal abortion for almost 40 years.

And it looks like the UK isn’t far behind.

Ireland already has an almost spotless pro-life record, and now Britain seems to be jumping on board after a new poll revealed that British medical students support the freedom of physicians and medical professionals who morally object abortion to opt out of performing the procedure. Nearly half of those polled strongly supported a doctor’s right to object from taking part in the procedure if it comes into conflict with their moral, ethical or religious beliefs.

This sends a pretty loud and clear message to pro-aborts across the globe: the cracks in the abortion industry are showing worldwide, and the pro-life movement is gaining momentum.