Hypocrisy on Broadway

With a cast dominated by actors of color, Hamilton is fighting to highlight the roles of immigrants and minorities in early American politics and in today’s society. Its catchy songs appeal to theater geeks while its historical plot draws in political junkies for an entertaining dance through history. Alas, for a show that rallies for diversity and equality, it’s rather hypocritical that Hamilton’s golden boy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is advocating for Planned Parenthood, a corrupt organization born out of a racist, eugenics-driven past.

In today’s update of Planned Parenthood’s desperate attempts to scrape even morehamilton money from Americans’ pockets, we have the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer of the Broadway musical hit Hamilton, offering a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience for a $10 donation to America’s abortion Goliath.

In September 2016, Miranda proudly boasted on Twitter about his mom’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood. Lin-Manual Miranda’s mother, Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda, is on the national board of directors for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. He then encouraged supporters to donate to Planned Parenthood on Giving Tuesday.

And recently, the Broadway star is taking a new angle—bribing Hamilton fans with hotel and air fare, three Hamilton shows, and show paraphernalia. Yup, you too can sell your Hamilton-loving soul with a $10 to $5,000 donation to Planned Parenthood! (Yuck)

Oh this is awkward…

So you know that Planned Parenthood targets minorities, right? No? (Awkwaaaard.) Dear Mr. Miranda, here’s a little wake up call on Planned Parenthood. (I mean, you are fundraising for them, after all.)

But you know what, Lin-Manuel. Maybe racism, deceit, abuse, and death doesn’t turn your stomach? Well, then just take a quick peak at how well Planned Parenthood is going to manage your loyal fans’ money. (Hint: $129.7 million of waste, abuse, and potential fraud. HOORAY!)

We will tell their story

Mr. Miranda, you may refuse to defend those who are the most vulnerable in today’s society. You may refuse tell their story. You may even continue to openly advocate for Planned Parenthood and legalized murder in America. But know this…

This January, over 600,000 people will gather in Washington, D.C. We will gather like we have for 40+ years. The media will barely cover our protest. Broadway won’t sing songs. We will tell the story of 60 million preborn children and their mothers.

And guess what? “When our children tell our story,” they’ll tell of the story of how we abolished abortion in America.


Free hotel stay during the March for Life

After hearing about just how life-changing our Students for Life National Conference has been for so many young leaders, one of our long-time supporters just called and offered a generous grant to help us bring more people to our National Conferences than ever before.

Because we all know that staying in DC an extra night for the Students for Life National Conference is one of the biggest expenses you will have.

Here’s what our donor has offered to do:

Any student group (college, high school, youth group) that is coming to the March for Life in Washington and hasn’t registered yet for the Students for Life of America East Coast National Conference can get free hotel housing in Maryland near the conference venue if they register within the next two weeks.

Here’s the catch: We only have enough funds to pay for hotels for one night (so it’s first come, first served) and there will be four people to a room. Further, this awesome new opportunity only applies to student groups (10 people or more) who have never been to the Students for Life National Conference or who haven’t been to our Conference since 2013.

Want to make sure your group can come to our East Coast National Conference on Saturday, January 28th (the day after the March for Life)?

Simply fill out this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlQ-aIPL-Yt6bOo2-B5S2B9gxMnqqzZaLVaw95tdbdcam6bw/viewform.

From there, we will send you the link to register for the conference and form to fill out for the free hotel rooms! The registration fee for the conference is only $45 per person and that includes free shuttle rides to and from the metro station, lunch, and dinner – plus, now, a free hotel night!

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Nominate Your Group for SFLA’s Group of the Year Awards!

Every year, Students for Life of America is honored to award prizes to student groups and leaders at our National Conferences! These cash prizes can help further the outreach efforts and the effectiveness of these groups at their schools.

To award these prizes to deserving students and groups, we need you to nominate the groups and leaders you think deserve recognition – you can even nominate your own group! Listed below are the categories, prize amounts, and nomination forms for each award. Winning groups must be present at the SFLA West or East Coast National Conference to receive the award.

Applications are due no later than January 13, 2017. Email us (link to lstover@studentsforlife.org) your applications today!


College  Group  Awards

2017 College Group of the Year

$1,000 Prize

This award will recognize the all-around excellence of one college pro-life student group. The SFLA College Group of the Year will demonstrate success in areas of campus activism, recruitment, and community involvement.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 College Group of the Year Award Application


2017 New College Group of the Year

$500 Prize

This award will recognize an outstanding new pro-life college group that was formed between January 2016 and December 2016. The New College Group of the Year Award will be given to a group that has shown success in recruiting members and raising awareness about abortion on campus.

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2017 Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year

Prize: $250 (in gift cards)

The Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year Award will recognize the achievements of two Students for Life college groups that have excelled in promoting pregnant and parenting resources. (One award will be given to an East Coast group; the other award will be given to an West Coast group.)

The SFLA Pregnant on Campus Groups of the Year should demonstrate success in pregnant and parenting advocacy and outreach on their college campus. This group should show significant efforts to change their campus to embrace practices and policies that protect and assist pregnant and parenting students.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 PonC Group of the Year Award

High School Group Awards

2017 High School Group of Year

$1,000 Prize

This award will recognize the all-around excellence of one high school pro-life student group. The SFLA High School Group of the Year will demonstrate success in activism, recruitment, and community involvement.

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2017 New High School Group of the Year

$500 Prize

The New High School Group of the Year will be given to the student pro-life group who has best developed and organized an innovative way to share the pro-life message at their high schools or in their homeschool communities.

Follow this link to apply: 2017 New High School Group of the Year Award Application

Volunteer Opportunity!

Looking for a way to help out at the March for Life and the Students for Life National Conference in Washington, D.C. this January?  Then we have the opportunity for you!!!

We have 24 volunteer spots available.  We need volunteers to help SFLA pass out signs at the March for Life on Friday, January 27th and to help out the following day, Saturday, January 28th at our National Conference.

Duties include:

Friday, January 27th – March for Life

Working at a distribution site at the March for Life from 8am – 1pm when the March begins (or earlier if your signs get distributed early and there are no other distribution sites that need help).  We also need one person to be a social media runner from 10am – 3pm delivering SD cards from March for Life Route to Digital Media Strategist to get content online.  This person must be able to ride a bike.

Saturday, January 28th – SFLA National Conference

Various volunteer responsibilities from registration, crowd control, meal distribution, and clean up.  The day will begin at 7am and end by 8pm at the latest based on job assignments and the volunteer’s individual travel plans.

Volunteers will receive hotel accommodations with the SFLA team at the Metro Points Hotel for the nights of Friday, January 27th and Saturday, January 28th and a free admission to the SFLA East Coast National Conference.

To apply fill out the form below and we will contact you for an interview.

Our time is now.

By Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America

Our time is now.

America has a pro-life majority government. Everything we have been fighting so hard to accomplish these past several years, despite an entrenched abortion lobby and corrupt politicians in Washington — all of this is now possible.

It’s now very easy to imagine a day when Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton will be overturned and when Planned Parenthood, our nation’s abortion Goliath, will be defunded of half a billion dollars in taxpayer money.

This is possible, now. trump1


If we, the pro-life generation, hold President-Elect Trump to his promises.

If we hold the Congress and it’s leaders to their numerous pledges.

If we stand united, focused, and motivated.

There is no excuse.

As you know, our mission at Students for Life has never been dependent on what happens in Washington. This victory helps the pro-life movement immensely. This new pro-life majority has it within their reach to pass and enforce the pro-life laws we need until we reach the day our culture fundamentally rejects abortion. We will save more lives.

…but now the real work begins. We have to finish what we started.

We need to ensure that only pro-life Supreme Court justices are appointed, period. We need to fire Planned Parenthood and defund them of our taxpayer dollars, plain and simple.

We need to mobilize like never before and ensure our leaders in Washington will do what they have pledged.

And I’m going to ask you to do some hard things in the next few months and years.

I’m asking you today to trust our team at Students for Life and to believe in our mission to make abortion unthinkable and illegal in our lifetime. For this will be one of my greatest honors to lead you through this fight…the fight of our lives.

While our pro-life generation may be young, we’ve studied under our pro-life predecessors and heroes. We’re organized. We’re united. And we’re prepared. We can do this.

Please, stand with me. There’s so much we need to do.

This is our chance to appoint the justices we need to overturn Roe and Doe. This is our chance to defund and bankrupt the abortion Goliath, Planned Parenthood. This is our chance, the chance of a lifetime, to abolish abortion.

This is our time.

De-Stressing from the Election: Pro-Life Millennials Edition

Pink Fleet Emojis


There are not many people who see our van and think, “whatever.” 

We usually spark some kind of reaction. Good, bad, weird, you name it. We’ve had it all. 

We’ve seen just about every emoji personified. 


We get support:  
1“I agree. Keep it up”



We get double takes:
2“Wait what!?”

It’s pretty strange to see a large pink van decked out with not so fun facts about Planned Parenthood. Especially when all you know is how ‘great’ Planned Parenthood is. Planned Parenthood spends MILLIONS on branding instead of serving women. Of course that is what you know! Question it!


We get confusion:  
3“Is that Planned Parenthood?? … no!?!?”

Sometimes it takes people a while to realize what’s going on. Yes, the van is pink, but Planned Parenthood doesn’t own the color pink.


We get stares, lots of stares:




As we pull into a gas stations heads turn. Once a lady in the car next to us stared the whole time we were getting gas and snacks. Jaw partly dropped and wide eyes. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget we are driving a large pink awesome van, but the constant stares are always a good reminder. 


We get shy opposition: 


Before leaving the University of Pittsburgh a student walked by and began scratching his head. He glanced at us awkwardly a few times before scratching his head with his middle finger. Smooth… He didn’t have the courage to boldly wave the bird. Maybe because he was starting to question his beliefs. 


We get road rage: 




On the Pennsylvania Turnpike a driver waved a certain special finger at us. His car swerved into our lane. He doesn’t value the life of the pre-born or our safety! 


We get apathy: 




Some people just walk by. They think, “this isn’t my business” and just move on. The truth is abortion IS the largest human rights issue in the WORLD! Killing 3,000 children a day in the US alone is a BIG deal. Yes, it’s your business too. 


We even get hit on: 




“I like your slogan” three men shouted flirtatiously at a West Virginia McDonald’s drive-through as three beautiful pro-life women stepped out of the van. First off, McDonalds isn’t the best place to pick up men. Secondly, we are taken. #SorryBoys Thanks for the support though… I guess. 


We get money: 




“Do you all take donations?? Here is $20!” One woman yelled as she approached the van in a busy intersection in Cleveland, OH. 


But most importantly…




We get conversions:   “Oh, I didn’t know that!”

When you stand on the fence or are bashfully pro-life and you see determined young people proudly driving the Pink Fleet across the county it can be pretty convincing! Planned Parenthood betrays women. #prolifegen

November Event-in-a-Box: Celebrate National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Awareness month, where we celebrate the courageous mothers, open families, and treasured children all impacted by adoption. This month, we want you to bring the message that adoption saves lives to your school!adoption

Women need to know that if they choose to place their child for adoption, there will be a loving family ready to adopt their precious child. According to a representative w from the National Council for Adoption, “There are parents who wait years to adopt an infant. There are always more parents waiting than infants available to adopt.” This statement contradicts what many women believe. This is a selfless, courageous decision that should be affirmed by her family, friends, and peers.

Foster care is also a crucial part of caring for children who desperately need a home. It’s also another way to go through the adoption system for many parents.

The latest data on foster care indicates that a child enters care every two minutes and there are over 400,000 children in foster care. Half of children in foster care return to their parents but over 40% are adopted by their foster family.

To help combat the common misconceptions about adoption and foster care, your group can spread the truth through hosting a local adoption speaker and raising awareness on your campus. Personal testimonies have the profound ability to break through misinformation that students on your campus may have about adoption.

For more information and adoption statistics go to: https://www.adoptioncouncil.org/

For more information on foster care statistics go to: https://www.fosterclub.com/article/statistics-foster-care

Whats in the box?

  • Event in a Box Planning Guide
  • Post-its
  • Markers
  • Talk About Adoption pins
  • Talk about adoption bracelets
  • Adoption Saves Lives Stickers
  • Rock for Life Adoption T-shirt coupon
  • Adoption & Foster care Awareness flyers
  • Adoption speaker promotion flyers
  • “Positive Adoption Language” flyers

To order the November Event-in-a-Box, contact your Regional Coordinator today.

If you are a student in CA or NV, contact Camille Rodriguez.
If you are a student in OR, WA, ID, MT, HI or AK contact Katie Lodjic.
If you are a student in CO, NM, WY, AZ, or UT, contact Jake Simon.
If you are a student in MI, IN, or OH, contact RJ McVeigh.
If you are a student in VA, MD, PA, DC, or DE, contact Michelle Hendrickson.
If you are a student in KY, WV, or TN, contact Brenna Hartwell.
If you are a student in NE, IA, KS, IL, or MO, contact Reagan Barklage.
If you are a student in OK or TX, contact Jillian Ferguson.
If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.
If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.
If you are a student in MN or WI, contact Maddie Schulte.
If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Lisa Stover.

How  to  use  the  box?

Educate your group

Use one of your group meetings to go over the Adoption Saves Lives Planning Guide. Educate your group on the differences between foster care and adoption, appropriate adoption language, and tabling set up information.

It is incredibly important to use correct adoption terminology. You cannot speak accurately about adoption if you do not have the proper language.

Host a table event

In order to hold a table event, you will need to use the provided tabling materials that come in the box. Obtain butcher paper (any color) from the art department or Students activities center at your school for free roughly 6’ long. Use the provided markers to write “Did you know?” across the top. You can lay this across the top of your table, or tape it on the wall behind your table if one is available.

Make your table fun! Give out cupcakes, candy, and hot chocolate to students who engage with your group at your table. Use the provided “Adoption and foster care” awareness flyers to educate students on the facts. Then, give them a post it to write one fact or statistic that they learned, and stick it to the butcher paper. By the end of the day, your poster will be full of facts and statistics from fellow students.

Be sure to wear your Rock for Life “Adoption saves lives” t-shirts and stickers. Give out the Talk about adoption pins, postcards, info flyers, and wristbands at the table.

If you would like to purchase an Adoption Saves Lives t-shirt, use the included Rock for Life coupon for a great discount on awesome adoption apparel at http://rockforlife.org/.

Host a speaker

As a group, use the Adoption Saves Lives Planning Guide to plan an adoption speaker event. Two weeks before your event, post the adoption speaker flyers (get approved by administration if needed) all around your campus. Give your speaker at least 45 minutes to share and then leave room at the end for the speaker to answer questions. You can use your table event as an opportunity to invite students to the speaker event as well.

100 Abuses of Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood celebrates their 100th birthday this month. They are celebrating with champagne toasts, fancy parties, rallies, and lots of other pinked out blowouts. But they don’t deserve any of that. They deserve to be defunded, investigated and prosecuted for the abuses they have committed over the course of their existence.

Instead of celebrating 100 years of strong, we at Students for Life of America have listed below 100 abuses that the abortion giant has perpetrated. Special thanks to Alliance Defending Freedom, Americans United for Life, the Family Research Council, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, Live Action, and many others who have chronicled the abuses of Planned Parenthood.

Abuses: Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts

1. Planned Parenthood has been caught in the sale and trafficking of baby body parts, videos which have been determined to be 100% authentic by an independent forensic analysis report.

2. Planned Parenthood illegally profited from selling the body parts of babies they aborted.

3. Planned Parenthood broke the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which bans the procedure for the purpose of collecting body parts.

4. Federal law states that the abortion procedure can’t be changed to collect “tissue.” Planned Parenthood broke that law too.

5. An abortionist can’t do an abortion knowing that the patient has consented to fetal tissue donation. Planned Parenthood broke that law as well.

Abuses: Support of Sex-Selective Abortion

6. Planned Parenthood accepts donations for sex-selective abortions, thus committing gendercide of our girls.

7. Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California submitted a letter opposing any kind of sex-selective abortion bans.

8. Planned Parenthood celebrated the failure of a bill banning sex-selective abortions in Louisiana.

9. In 2016, Planned Parenthood opposed PRENDA, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.

10. After being caught allowing a sex-selective abortion, Planned Parenthood fired the staffer and then announced they would do an abortion for any reason, even sex-selective, unless outlawed by state law.

11. The director of Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region in Canada said she supported sex-selective abortions even though she may have a harder time “eliminating women.”

12. Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota panned the new law in South Dakota that banned sex-selective abortion.

13. Planned Parenthood in Indiana successfully blocked a sex-selective abortion ban from taking effect in the state.

Abuses: Targeting Minorities

14. Planned Parenthood targets minorities: 79% of its surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods.

15. Planned Parenthood accepts donations for race-selective abortions.

16. Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, wanted to “exterminate” the black population and recruit black pastors to help.

17. Planned Parenthood also targets college students: 79% of Planned Parenthood’s are located within five miles of a college campus.

18. The founding of Planned Parenthood is directly tied to the eugenics movement. The movement’s ultimate goal was the elimination of certain groups of “unfit” or “feeble-minded” people.

19. In the 1950’s, Planned Parenthood did unethical experimentation of the early version of the birth control pill on vulnerable women in Puerto Rico without informed consent leading to the deaths of at least three women without recognition or explanation.

Abuses: Medicaid Fraud and Taxpayer Overbilling

20. Planned Parenthood rakes in over $500 million in taxpayer funding a year.

21. Susan Thayer, former Planned Parenthood director, testified in an October 2015 Congressional hearing that she filed a federal False Claims Act complaint against Planned Parenthood alleging that it “filed false claims totaling about $28 million with Iowa’s Medicaid program for (1) illegally dispensing “medically unnecessary” quantities of oral contraceptive pills and birth control patches to C-Mail Medicaid patients and doing so without a prescription; (2) fraudulently billing the Iowa Medicaid program for abortion-related services; and (3) coercing “donations” from Medicaid patients.”

22. In 2009, Alliance Defending Freedom released a report that details federal and state audits of Planned Parenthood affiliates from 1995-2009, specifically highlighting Texas, California, Washington, and New York. These audits convey that these individual affiliates were responsible for over $95 million in waste, abuse and potential fraud. Examples include giving prescriptions without authorization from a medical practitioner and misusing government funds to over-bill patients for family planning.

23. Planned Parenthood of California was also accused of overcharging the state and federal governments by $180 million for birth-control pills, despite internal and external warnings that its billing practices were improper.

24. Planned Parenthood defrauded taxpayers in Texas and was ordered to pay over a million dollars in restitution.

25. Planned Parenthood cut ties with five clinics in Florida after one South Florida affiliate was facing allegations of “terrible mismanagement and possibly fraud” related to nearly $450,000.

26. Director of Finance Rene Davis was promoted to Chief Operating Officer after it was revealed at the Planned Parenthood of Southwest Michigan in 2010 that bank statements accumulated for up to six months before being reconciled and personal expenses, like household bills, were paid from that account. She also stole $5,000.

27. Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest was found to have overbilled Medicaid more than $629,000 through 2004-2007.

28. Five Planned Parenthood facilities in Wisconsin overbilled taxpayers by over $52,000 in 2014.

29. A 2004 California audit of Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside counties showed they received excess payment of various kinds of contraception over $5.2 million

Abuses: Health and Safety Standards

30. An Ohio Planned Parenthood illegally dumped the bodies of babies they aborted into landfills.

31. Three PP’s in Florida were caught illegally performing late-term abortions.

32. A Pennsylvania PP stored aborted babies in a janitor’s closet.

33. A South Carolina PP also illegally dumped aborted babes in landfills.

34. A Kentucky Planned Parenthood broke the law when they started doing unlicensed abortions at their new facility.

35. The Columbia, SC Planned Parenthood was cited for 21 health and safety violations and ordered to pay $7,500.

36. Planned Parenthood broke HIPAA privacy laws in California when they gave patient information to a vendor.

37. As of September 2015, no Illinois Planned Parenthood was licensed by the state.

38. Planned Parenthood in Delaware was shut down after numerous health violations, including not cleaning their instruments.

39. Georgia Planned Parenthood had 23 health violations.

40. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains was sued after they forced a woman to continue her abortion and then botched it and refused to offer post-abortion care.

41. Planned Parenthood in Louisiana encountered violations before the facility even opened when an unlicensed contractor working for the abortion giant was fined.

Abuses: Death of Women

42. Cree Erwin, 24, died after a botched abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Michigan.

43. Tonya Reaves, 24, died following a second-trimester abortion at Planned Parenthood in Chicago.

44. Diane Lopez, 25, bled to death after a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles.

45. Holly Patterson, 18, died from an infection after an incomplete abortion at Planned Parenthood in Haywood, CA.

46. At a Lincoln, NE Planned Parenthood, a 40-year-old woman nearly died after the abortionist punctured her uterus.

47. Planned Parenthood denies the existence of Post-Abortion Syndrome.

48. Linda McGown, 27, was left in a coma following a surgery at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas.

49. Planned Parenthood knew about the atrocities that Kermit Gosnell was committing at his late-term abortion facility and chose to do nothing.

50. Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility hadn’t been inspected from 1993-2010, when the FBI raided it.  Gov. Tom Ridge (D-PA) wiped out routine inspections when he was elected in 1995 with the help of Planned Parenthood.

51. Planned Parenthood was one degree away from the infamous “Mother’s Day Massacre” at Gosnell’s facility in 1972 when the International PP Federation was one of two groups who brought in Dr. Harvey Karman, whose “super coil” late-term abortion device was ultimately tested on 15 poor women who were in their second trimesters, nine of whom suffered serious complications.

52. An abortionist who had worked for Planned Parenthood in California for 27 years finally lost his license after a series of drunk driving incidents, after a woman in his care died following an abortion, and after a failed abortion resulted in his patient giving birth to a stillborn baby at a hospital.

53. Woman awarded $2.78 million in malpractice suit for removal of contraception implants after PP doctor, too inexperienced to perform the procedure, caused her harm.

54. A medical malpractice case won against Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (“PPGG”) which performed an early first trimester abortion, failing to diagnose a twin pregnancy and aborting only one fetus and part of another. PPGG continued to see the patient and failed to perform pregnancy tests to diagnose her as still pregnant despite the fact that she had symptoms. A late second trimester abortion required the termination of her pregnancy in the fifth month.

55. Mandy Gittler, the abortionist who killed Tonya Reaves, was hired at a Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This happened after Ms. Reaves’ death.

Abuses: Covering up child abuse

56. Planned Parenthood aids and abets the sex-trafficking of minor girls by supplying confidential birth control, STD testing, and secret abortions to trafficked underage girls and their traffickers.

57. Planned Parenthood was caught in undercover video not reporting statutory rape at a number of its affiliates.

58. Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati, OH was sued after covering up sexual abuse of a minor by her father.

59. Planned Parenthood in Ohio failed to report the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old by her soccer coach and also broke the law by not obtaining parental consent before the abortion.

60. A judge in St. Paul, MN ruled that Planned Parenthood violated the law when they committed an abortion on a 17-year-old without parental consent.

61. Planned Parenthood in Connecticut failed to report the sexual abuse of 15-year-old Danielle Cramer, who was missing for nearly a year. They did an abortion on her.

62. Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains was sued after giving a 13-year-old an abortion without parental consent, failing to report child sex abuse, and then returning her to her abuser – her step-father.

63. Andrew King, a swim coach in California, was allowed to sexually abuse dozens of young girls after Planned Parenthood failed to report child sex abuse when he took a 14-year-old he impregnated there for an abortion.

64. Planned Parenthood employees in Denver failed to report sexual abuse of a minor.

65. Planned Parenthood in Alabama failed to report the rape of a 14-year-old, who underwent two abortions over four months.

66. Planned Parenthood in Montana fought to overturn two parental consent laws.

67. Planned Parenthood failed to report the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old when they scheduled her for an abortion, allowing continued abuse.

68. Planned Parenthood in Washington State didn’t report the sexual abuse of an 11-year-old when she came in for an abortion. Her rapist now sits in jail.

Abuses: Deceptive Advertising

69. Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, perpetuated the lie that PP does mammograms over and over again.

70. Planned Parenthood in Appleton, WI was caught giving deceptive fetal development information to a patient seeking an abortion.

71. Planned Parenthood in Milwaukee, WI gave a patient misleading information on fetal development and pressured her to have an abortion.

72. In Indianapolis, IN, a Planned Parenthood employee gives a patient misleading information on fetal development.

Abuses: Pushing Abortion

73. Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas.

74. Planned Parenthood is the primary provider of abortions in the U.S. and kills about 324,000 children annually, taking responsibility for nearly one third of the abortions in the U.S. annually.

75. Under Mrs. Richards’ leadership, cancer screenings and prevention services have been cut in half at Planned Parenthood.

76. Abortion is down over 12% since 2010 yet only down by 1.6% for Planned Parenthood since 2010.

77. Prenatal services at PP have been cut in half since 2009.

78. From 2009-2013, Planned Parenthood’s adoption to abortion ratio is 209 -to-1.

79. Under Mrs. Richards’ leadership, abortions have skyrocketed from 289,750 abortions in 2006 to over 324,000 in 2015.

80. Planned Parenthood is focused on abortion above all else. In 2006, they committed one of every five abortions. In 2015, it’s up to one in every three abortions.

81. Cecile Richards confirmed that 86% of PP’s revenue is from abortion.

82. Planned Parenthood claims abortion is only 3% of their services yet other estimations show abortion makes up over 90% of what they do.

83. Cecile Richards applauds late-term abortion access in New York, which is very risky to the mother.

84. International Planned Parenthood Federation claimed they performed over 3.1 million “abortion-related” services in 2014-15.

Abuses: Journalism Malpractice

85. Planned Parenthood gave out 13 awards to journalists for their positive coverage of the abortion giant in 2016.

86. In 2015, Planned Parenthood awarded 16 journalists the “Maggie Awards for Media Excellence.”

87. Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas allotted the keynote speaker slot to a writer and columnist from a news website.

Abuses: Political Process

88. Planned Parenthood is engaged in a cycle of corruption, buying politicians to do their will, give them more tax dollars, vote against any kind of medical and safety standards, and oppose restrictions on abortion.

89. In 2008 Cecile Richards declared, “We aim to be the largest kick-butt political organization.”

90. Planned Parenthood claims that their materials are not tainted by a political agenda, yet they’ve given millions of dollars to political candidates (99% of them Democrats).

91. They announced a $30 million investment in a door-knocking campaign during the 2016 election to elect Hillary Clinton.

92. They bought $2 million worth of ads against pro-life Senators in 2016.

93. From 2008-2016, Planned Parenthood gave $2.8 million in cash and $10.8 million in-kind donations to politicians.

94. Planned Parenthood illegally donated to political candidates in Washington State.

95. Planned Parenthood launched a voter registration drive at their facilities in 2016.

96. Cecile Richards was the former deputy chief of staff to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and described her journey from campaigns to leading PP as coming “full circle.”

97. Cecile Richards had zero background in healthcare when she took over Planned Parenthood in 2006. Her background was all political.

98. In 2008, Planned Parenthood pledged $10 million to elect pro-abortion candidates.

99. A formal ethics complaint was filed against New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hasson and an executive council member for not recusing themselves of matters related to Planned Parenthood funding in the state.

100. Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) received talking points from a Planned Parenthood lobbyist in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress videos, as PP tried to keep the story from exploding.

Bobcats for Life shows incredible dedication to pro-life activism and education

Bobcats for Life, a new student group at Ohio University, has started off with momentum and will effect change on their campus this coming year.

Kicking off the month of September with an Apologetics 101 training from their SFLA Regional Coordinator, they prepared for their busy month of activism.bobcatsforlife

Just 2 days later, the group put their Apologetics training to use and hit the road to Columbus to participate in “Operation Overpass” and pro-life outreach in downtown.

Following their outreach in Columbus, their focus shifted from activism to education. They gathered together with students to talk about the corrupt leadership of Planned Parenthood and held a “Meet Margaret Sanger” event, in which they educated their peers on the disturbing facts behind the founding of Planned Parenthood.

On September 10, Bobcats for life took to the road once again as they joined SFLA and other organizations in Cleveland Ohio to protest the “All-access” event and Pro-abortion concert led by Sia. These students left at 11am for the Women Betrayed rally in Cleveland, and didn’t get home until 1:30am the next day! Talk about dedication!

Only a few days later, Bobcats for Life invited Created Equal onto their campus to participate in abortion victim image (AVI) outreach, and were met with hostility from their student body. Bobcats for Life stood strong in their defense of the pre-born in the midst of large protests and vicious attacks from one of their peers. Regardless of these attacks, the very next day, group held a resource drive for their pregnancy resource center just outside their local grocery store!

Bobcats for life concluded their month by hosting the SFLA fall tour “The Cycle of Corruption”, educating their peers about the relationship between abortion big business and political corruption. Again, they were met with resistance, but this time from their school administration. Bobcats for Life are determined to spread the pro-life message on their campus, and seem fearless in the face of controversy.

Because of their dedication and passion, we are awarding Bobcats for life at Ohio University SFLA’s September Group of the Month. Keep up the good work!