Group throws Pregnant on Campus Petition Pizza Party to Collect Signatures

By Ryan Eyrich, Southeast Regional Coordinator

This semester, High Point University (HPU) Students for Life in North Carolina drafted a petition that calls for their campus to make positive, life-affirming changes.

These changes include:

  • offering special housing for pregnant and parenting students,
  • providing day care for parenting students and college employees,
  • installing diaper decks,
  • and providing at least one health care professional who is trained as a pregnancy coach.

HPU Students for Life hopes to collect 1,000 signatures on the petition before they present it to their school. In the face of this daunting task, the group came up with a brilliant way to garner support from their peers: throwing a Pregnant on Campus Petition Pizza Party.

What better way to gain support than giving out free pizza to your fellow students as they walked to class?

High Point University Students for Life had a blast while collecting signatures for their petition. The group played music, had free pizza and sodas, and talked to their peers about their initiative to make High Point’s campus more life-affirming.

The High Point community responded well to the initiative and was very excited to see that HPU Students for Life is trying to better the campus for pregnant and parenting students. They party went off with a bang and the group was able to collect 157 signatures for their petition.

They groups hopes to keep the momentum going as they collect the remainder of the petitions next semester!