NY Abortion Rate is Dropping

This is great news. Last week, the New York Vital Statistics for 2015 revealed that abortions are continuing to drop in New York.

The data was crunched by CompassCare Pregnancy Services in Rochester, who looked at the New York City data as well, which is published separately. When combined, the numbers show that abortions statewide plunged 25%.

NYC has consistently had record high abortion rates, especially for minorities. In 2012, over 76% of all abortions in NYC were babies who were black or Hispanic.

New York State has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the country and earlier this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed expanding abortion and contraception access even more. That the abortion rate continues to drop in such a state as New York gives hope that abortion rates are falling elsewhere in the nation.

“When facing an unplanned pregnancy women simply are opting out of abortion because they feel empowered to have the baby,” said Jim Harden, President of CompassCare Pregnancy Services.

“Pregnancy care organizations like CompassCare give women back their true autonomy with ethical medical care and comprehensive community support. This kind of investment insulates women from the coercive pressures that would otherwise drive them to make a decision under better circumstances they would never even consider. These numbers say that the community cares and is rallying to support women.”

New York Has an Awesome Way to Get Involved as a Pro-Lifer

By Keri Landeche, The Jon Scharfenberger Students for Life of America Northeast Regional Coordinator

Living in the abortion capital of the country, where one in every 10 pregnancies end in an abortion, can sometimes be a depressing place to wake up to every morning. The feeling of despair can creep in and make you start to believe that there is no way to end abortion in New York City due to the vast amount of women seeking abortions.

Some places in the Bronx and Brooklyn have over 40% of viable pregnancies ending in abortion. The reality is that the abortion industry is targeting these impoverished minority neighborhoods when these women are in their most vulnerable position: an unplanned pregnancy.

To combat these feelings of despair, we only need to look at the faces of the babies saved and realize that even one of these saved is success. We must hope that we will and can end abortion in our lifetime by making it unthinkable and helping women facing unintended pregnancies.

So how do we do that?

In New York, we are fortunate to have the Sisters of Life, a contemplative/active religious community of women founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O’Connor for the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life. The Sisters welcome pregnant guests to live with them in one of their convents as well as assist pregnant women in need through their visitation mission.

My favorite program of the Sisters of Life is the Co-Workers of Life, which is a large and growing network of faithful laity that serve pregnant women in need in whatever ways they can.

The Sisters of Life connect the pregnant moms to a Co-Worker to be a friend and support, as many of them have been rejected by those closest to them.  Co-Workers of Life share their talents, time, and their very selves in service to the women in need.

Co-Workers come from all walks of life – spiritual leaders, business professionals, medical doctors, counselors and lawyers – to assist the women, while college and university contacts help with placement and transfer credits for vulnerable pregnant women.

A Co-Worker can do something as small as give a ride to the bus stop or doctor appointment to something as big as becoming a Godparent for their child! It is in these ways, small and large, that empower women to choose life knowing that they have people in their community willing to support them.

If you are interested in becoming a Co-Worker of Life or attending a Co-Worker Training Day in order to learn more about how you can put your gifts at the service of others, call the Sisters of Life at:
United States: (646) 882-1087
Canada: (877) 543-3380

NYC – Activism Training Ground? You bet!

NYC - Activism Training Ground? You bet!

By: Lindsey Frechou, Students for Life of America’s 2012 Missionary for Life

What’s a trip to the Big Apple without any Pro-Life activism work?  Answer: Not a cool one! You can have all the Broadway shows and folded slices of pizza you want, but you haven’t seen authentic New York until you take to the streets and hand out flyers with everybody else and their mother’s entire extended family. True story.

Take it from your 2012 SFLA Missionaries! We are now seasoned New Yorker’s (even though we didn’t quite get the hang of the subway system) who know the ins-and-outs of Pro-Life activism in a big city.  We spent a few hours passing out I Vote Pro Life First flyers that explained President Obama’s voting record and the importance of keeping life sacred in the heart of New York.  I think I can speak on behalf of everyone and say that it was pretty darn cool.

Think about NYC and what comes to your mind? After bright lights, Home Alone and hotdogs, I know I thought about the articles I’ve read with headlines such as: “New York: Abortion Capital of the World” or “39 Percent of NYC Pregnancies end in Abortion”.  Yikes. And we’re going to pass out “I Vote Pro-Life” first flyers with Obama on one side and a slightly graphic image on the other? You must think we’re insane in the membrane.  But after a deep breath, some show tunes from Mary Poppins and a quick prayer… we. were. ready.  And you know what?  It went really well.

We had some positive feedback and some really negative feedback, but wasn’t that our goal?  As activists, we want to get people’s noggin’s working and make them truly reflect on the topic at hand.  Our goal for the day was to spread as many of our flyers as possible around New York City.  Our goal was to show people Obama’s voting record and how he supported the killing of innocent babies who survived a partial-birth abortion.  Our goal was to shock them and show that President Obama is not all that he’s cracked up to be.  And we rocked.  We left them in Subways, handed them to people eating at McDonald’s and flooded the sidewalks of New York.

One of my personal favorite moments was when I tried to hand a flyer to a man; he already had one…and was reading it!  Activism is a great and easy way to stand for life.  All you need is a few hundred flyers, a populated area and a few smiling friends. I’m serious. You don’t even have to be a part of a group or get a permit.  Literally just print off flyers (we’ll even give you the design!) and hand them out to anyone and everyone! Here are some tips:

–          At first, it can be intimidating.  But believe me, if we can do it, you definitely can! You’re a Pro-Life super star! Take it from Leslie, who was a little weary at first, but then put on her baby saving face and kicked some NYC butt! “New York City was an entirely new place for me. At first I was worried about inconveniencing strangers by handing them something. I learned that this does not need to be a hesitation. We were simply handing them a sheet of paper, and if they wanted to refuse it they could. Not even 2 seconds were taken out of their day. I stepped out of my comfort zone with the motivation of informing people on Obama’s disrespect for life. I had to keep my eye on the goal, which is to save lives and change hearts for the upcoming election.”

–           Go in small groups.  For example, we had 5 missionaries so we did a group of 2 and a group of 3.  If you’re brave enough to go by yourself, more power to you! But for safety reasons and because we value your life (we’re Pro-Life, duh!), please bring a personal body guard. Big groups don’t work either, because the area gets too cluttered and the citizens are not as receptive (believe us, we tried and failed).

–        Check the weather. Oops.

–         And last but certainly not least…Smile. It’s as simple as that. I tried many different approaches from hardly looking at the person to asking them how their day was going (maybe that would work in N’Awlins but certainly not in New York) and the best tactic was ALWAYS a nice smile and, “Here you go sir/ma’am”.  Also, hold it out so they can easily grab it.  This might even mean weaving all over the sidewalk so you can place it in their most convenient hand.  But it’s so worth it. The feeling of successfully handing out a flyer is close to the satisfactory feeling of the perfect high five with your best bud. And imagine that hundreds of times over and over again. Bam.

Here are some people you can expect:

-The “avoid eye contact and look at the ground at all times until I pass the crazy flyer girl even if it means running into another person on the sidewalk” people.  They are always funny.

– The “I’m not taking that flyer I hate Obama” people. Seriously. One woman yelled at me that she wouldn’t touch anything with that (insert expletive here) face on it. After I explained to her that it was not a campaign flyer but information on his oh, so terrible voting record I thought she was about to hug me.  Poor woman, she’s got to get out of that city for a little retreat.

– Then we have the “Oh my gosh I love Obama… (begins reading about Obama and abortion) oh, wait….” people.  One couple took a flyer and was so happy to have a picture with the “man they love” on it.  I walked away as fast as I could but they caught up.  Poor Chris was in the line of fire and they handed it back to him and suggested he should stick it up..um, well… where the sun just don’t shine. So pleasant.

– And finally we have every activist’s favorite. The “wow, y’all are great and I love you so much, here’s my card. I’d love to possibly be a donor or help support you” people. No dude, you’re great.  Thanks for valuing life and giving our rainy day a little sunshine.  It’s these people who give us hope for America. Isn’t activism the best?!


So go on! Get out there! Do your crazy, cool Pro-Life activism thing.  And feel free to share your stories with us; we’d love to hear them.  Good luck!