Where You Are, We Will Go

Planned Parenthood is doubling-down, using the Trump Presidency to fundraise, training more volunteers, and inserting itself into other political issues, in order to push one message: Planned Parenthood is here to help you with all your needs you could ever have.

But, people are not going to fall for it. Students for Life of America (SFLA) is going to make sure the TRUTH about Planned Parenthood is revealed. Planned Parenthood DOES use your money for abortions. Planned Parenthood DOES exploit women by denying the risks of abortion. Planned Parenthood DOES try to get into grade schools and high schools and insert themselves between child and parent.

SFLA is not going to let them get away with it. Wherever Planned Parenthood tries to infiltrate a school (like Reading), whenever Planned Parenthood tries to deny the truth about abortion, whenever Planned Parenthood plans to hold rallies to push its agenda, we will be there. No matter where, no matter when, we will stand up and fight the extreme agenda of Planned Parenthood.

When Planned Parenthood wanted to literally get an office in a high school, we showed up, we told them no, and we spoke the truth: “Planned Parenthoods across the country have failed inspections, failed to report criminal activity (e.g. statutory rape), and failed our communities. The Allentown Medical Center (a center within the Planned Parenthood Keystone network) is a prime example. This center failed inspections 3 years in a row due to use of dirty medical instruments, improper disposal of aborted baby body parts, and failure to evaluate patients prior to administering anesthesia.”

We will not back down to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s Volunteer Army

Following last year’s election, in which they spent over $30 million in their unsuccessful effort to elect Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood decided that they needed to revamp the way they promote abortion and the destruction of the preborn. Nearly nine months later, they have decided on a plan of action. Earlier this month, it was announced that Planned Parenthood was planning to build a ‘volunteer army’ of 600 community organizing teams spread across the country. Planned Parenthood bragged that since the election they have reached 226,000 volunteers and nearly 1 million supporters, and that with this ‘army’ they would be making sure that their voices were heard.

While Planned Parenthood is making a huge deal over their plan to have a ‘volunteer army’ of 600 community teams, Students for Life serves over 1,000 student-led groups, training over 11,000 students each year conducting nearly 600 trainings annually.  Each year, an average of a half million pro-life volunteers descend on Washington DC for March for Life, while still thousands more rally at other ‘sister’ rallies across the country. A pro-abortion columnist for the Washington Post estimated that over half of the Marchers are under the age of 30.

Surveys have shown that over 53% of millennials believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. What’s worse for them is that not only are the majority millennials pro-life, but, even according to NARAL and EMILY’s List, pro-life millennials are more likely to be passionate about their beliefs than pro-abortion millennials. These passionate pro-life millennials are more inclined to be engaged on social media and ready to stand up for the preborn.

So while Planned Parenthood is planning on doubling down on their pro-abortion policies with this ‘volunteer army’, pro-life organizations like Students for Life will continue to educate, train, and support our thousands of grassroots, student-led groups that are fighting for the lives of the preborn.

SFLA Prez Challenges Cecile Richards to a Bake-Off

People Magazine deserves some kind of “Best Fluff Piece of the Year” award for their fawning story on Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor.

Just check out this headline:

The content of the piece doesn’t any better. Readers learn that Cecile loves to make cherry pies. They don’t learn that Planned Parenthood has been referred by both the US House and Senate for criminal charges in their baby body parts for-profit scheme.

They also don’t learn that abortion is Planned Parenthood’s main business, constituting nearly 96% of services for pregnant women.

They also don’t learn that since Cecile took the helm of Planned Parenthood in 2006, the abortion giant has lost 22.5% of patients!

And they certainly don’t learn that prenatal care was cut by 46% at Planned Parenthood in the last year.

And lastly, readers certainly won’t learn that Planned Parenthood has excess revenue in 2015 of $77.5 MILLION. Do you know how many cherry pies that can buy? If the average cost of a homemade cherry pie (a good one) is $32, then Cecile can buy 2,421,875 cherry pies with all that money!

SFLA’s president Kristan Hawkins, who tries to save the lives of babies and persuade women not to enter Planned Parenthood, is also genius in the kitchen. She challenged Mrs. Richards to a bake-off:

Cecile is probably too busy in her plush Manhattan office though, scheming up ways to make taxpayers pay for more abortions.

Pro-life display vandalized twice by abortion advocate on campus of Washington State University

A pro-choice student, Keaton Aspell, at Washington State University (WSU) vandalized a Cemetery of the Innocents display not once, but twice, because he felt like it shamed women who have abortions. He taped himself doing so and shared it on social media.

The Cemetery of the Innocents display is used by many of Students for Life of America’s campus groups because it’s so effective in showing what abortion looks like and causes students to pause for just a moment to realize the great atrocity and lives lost every day to abortion.

The display consists of setting up anywhere from 100 to 3,000 small crosses in the ground of a highly-trafficked area of the college campus. The crosses represent either a certain number of abortions per day or the actual number (close to 3,000). Students for Life groups will often have a member of their group there to answer questions. Most groups set up signs to explain what the display is trying to convey; other groups offer an abortion helpline on the signs around the display.WWU cemetary

What no Students for Life campus group does, though, is shame women who have had an abortion. That’s never the intention and if abortion advocates would actually listen to one of the pro-life students, they’d find that the groups are offering help to women who are facing unplanned pregnancies or have had abortions in the past.

However, abortion advocates have found success in accusing pro-life students of intentionally trying to shame women, even though it’s not even close to the truth. This kind of hurtful rhetoric comes from the top of the abortion lobby and their advocates and students are taking their lead.

In 2015, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, told Katie Couric that with “so much shaming in popular culture,” women “get the message early and often that … there’s still something wrong with that choice.” And on the 1in3 abortion website, which wants women to shout their abortions, desires to “end the stigma and shame women are made to feel about abortion.”

The administration of Washington State University has issued a statement basically saying they agree with free speech. The WSU Students for Life group had to obtain permission from the school to set up their display. The pro-abortion student thought he had the right to vandalize it. It wasn’t his property. It wasn’t his display. And it wasn’t his right to destroy it.

The free speech aspect is summed up nicely in this video:

The student posted a non-apology apology:

“We encourage our pro-life groups to not back down in the face of adversity on campus, but to civilly engage people of opposite views and show them that the pro-life generation is a generation that values life in all stages,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “WSU, by not disciplining Keaton Aspell, is paving the way for greater acts of vandalism, disrespect, and criminal actions against pro-life students and their rightful property. The university is taking a blatantly weak stance in fear of offending someone who clearly took liberty to offend students who did not share his viewpoint.”

Students for Life Crashed Cecile Richards’ #PinkOut Rally and It was Awesome

With Planned Parenthood flying high during their #PinkOut day yesterday, whose goal it was to “turn the Internet pink” (whatever that means), Cecile Richards swooped into Washington, DC to speak at a rally where she would be elevated to Supreme Queen of Abortion. Ok, maybe she wouldn’t have the title but her job is definitely to push abortion.

But yesterday was a busy day for Planned Parenthood – David Daleiden released a damning video of undercover footage where a Planned Parenthood abortionist talked about leaving babies born alive to die depending “on who was in the room” and whined about how she has to “hit the gym” because crushing the skulls of babies requires a lot of upper body strength. Really. She said that.

Now, Cecile Richards hates answering actual questions. She would rather do fluff interviews all day long and have her expensive PR team get profiles in the Washingtonian magazine about Planned Parenthood’s “swanky” new DC headquarters. #Notfakenews

Anyways, when we heard that Cecile Richards herself was going to be the featured speaker at this #PinkOut rally in DC, we knew we had to make our voice known.  We cannot stand by silently as Planned Parenthood kills 888 babies every single day and still manages to get over half a billion a year from taxpayers.

Plus, we LOVE rallies and love mobilizing and our students and team really like to carry around our enormous “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” banner.

So we did. And because the rally was waaaaay smaller than the hundreds and hundreds of supporters Planned Parenthood supporters, they weren’t expecting any kind of opposition.

Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America’s president, led the charge. She got close enough to Cecile to even ask her some questions because she was just chillin there, loving the attention of her pink brigade.

“How many mammograms did Planned Parenthood do today?”

“Cecile, why are you so afraid of David Daleiden?”

Fortunately, we got lots of video of the interactions. Planned Parenthood’s PR team is going to be in trouble today! All they could possibly do is try to cover us with their pink signs. Good luck with that Planned Parenthood.

We aren’t going away.

New website lists Planned Parenthood charges, investigations

In July 2015, the Center for Medical Progress released the first undercover videos in a long series of investigations into the fetal trafficking industry, revealing the dark underbelly of the abortion industry, one that callously negotiated for the sale of body parts of aborted babies.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has been a major player in the undercover videos with many of their abortionists and executives featured.  The videos shed light on possible criminal activity by Planned Parenthood and their partners in the for-profit baby parts industry.pp charges

This was the catalyst that launched multiple investigations and led to the creation of the Select Panel on Infant Lives in the U.S. House of Representatives, which was tasked with investigating the fetal tissue for-profit industry.

Planned Parenthood, their vendors, and other allies have broken multiple laws and are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Government, some universities, and a few states.

We created a special website – www.PPCharges.com – to help keep track of as many of those investigations under one roof as possible. We list criminal referrals that have been made, on-going criminal investigations, as well as the organizations involved.

So bookmark www.PPCharges.com when you need a reference to the ongoing investigations and criminal charges and to show friends and family the extensive list.

Best of 2016: The Top 9 Times Abortion Advocates Lost Their Minds

The abortion industry had just come out of a pretty tough year in 2015, having to defend the illegal buying and selling of aborted baby parts and all. But they looked to 2016 as their redemption, specifically the great hope had by all of them that the next President of the United States was going to be a pantsuit-loving, abortion-funding woman who was already BFFs with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. We all know how that turned out.

Even so, abortion advocates started freaking out in the beginning of the year over Doritos commercials and the insanity just never ended. Here is a list of the top 9 times abortion advocates lost their minds in 2016.

9) The time when NARAL lost their minds over the Doritos Super Bowl ad
It’s chips people! Doritos, in all their marketing brilliance, showed a hilarious ad during the biggest sports game of the year where a pregnant woman was having an ultrasound and the dad-to-be was munching on some tasty Doritos. The baby in the ultrasound decided it really wanted those chips and mom goes into labor. NARAL, one of the biggest pro-abortion groups in the country, absolutely freaked out and it was a joy to behold:

8) The time when Cecile Richards flipped out over the New York Times putting pro-lifers on the front page
During the oral arguments of the abortion case Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstadt in March, dozens and dozens of pro-life students braved the cold to rally in support of common sense medical standards for abortion facilities. Planned Parenthood and their buddies bussed in supporters and likely spent a good chunk of money making their presence known outside the Supreme Court that day. But what photo did the New York Times (!) choose to use on their front page the next day:

NYT cover

Cecile Richards flipped out.

7) The time when abortion supporters called the Indiana governor to talk about their periods
If there is one thing abortion supporters know how to do well, it’s to use images of/real bodily fluids and sexual organs to their advantage when they flip out over laws they don’t agree with. In April, then-Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill that banned abortions because of gender, race and fetal abnormalities. Abortion supporters lost their minds and started a campaign called Periods for Pence, where they called the governor’s office to talk about their menstrual cycles. Why? We don’t know. It’s what they do when they get mad apparently.

6) That time when Planned Parenthood lost their minds over Mike Pence’s nomination as VP
Speaking of Vice President-elect Mike Pence, the abortion industry really doesn’t like him. At all. When he was a Member of Congress, he was the first person to introduce a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. This was way before it was cool to try to defund the abortion giant.Mike Pence

When Pence was selected as Trump’s VP, Cecile Richards lost her mind, putting out a short, bitter statement: “The reason anyone in America could pick Mike Pence out of a one man lineup is because of his long history of targeted political attacks against the care provided at Planned Parenthood health centers in Indiana and across the country. Other than that, he doesn’t have a single distinguishing characteristic.”

Brutal, Cecile. Have a cosmo or something.

5) The time Hillary Clinton slipped up and called a fetus an “unborn person”
The audible gasp of Planned Parenthood and their allies in the abortion industry when Hillary Clinton called a developing baby in the womb an “unborn person” on Meet the Press could be heard throughout the social media realm. Diana Arellano, community engagement manager for Planned Parenthood of Illinois, was obviously in a state of shock when she tweeted out this gem:


4) The time abortion advocates freaked out over Rock for Life at the Vans Warped Tour
Rock for Life is a big initiative of Students for Life of America that travels all over the country every summer to mostly Christian music festivals and talks to young adults and teens about the pro-life message. This past summer, Rock for Life was able to get a booth at the secular Vans Warped Tour, where they hit up over 50 stops, much to the dismay of pro-abortion concert-goers.

Ouch! These people ended up getting the attention of the head of the Vans Warped Tour, who came out in SUPPORT of Rock for Life and said that if the pro-abortion side wanted a tent space, he’d give them one. Not sure if they took him up on the offer.

3) The time pro-abortion students were offended by hearts
In April, the Students for Life group at the University of Iowa chalked 3,200 hearts with the message that “abortion stops 3200 hearts each day in the US” and other pro-life messages like “women deserve better than abortion” and “Students for Life supports pregnant and parenting students” AND “Smile, your mom chose life!” Some smile mom chose lifepeople didn’t like that. There was an organized effort by individual pro-choice students to send in complaints to the school about the pro-life messages. The pro-abortion student wrote, in part, on Facebook that: “THIS is violent. THIS is stigmatizing. THIS creates an unsafe environment for students on campus and we should not tolerate it.”

Really? They thought little hearts that represented those of tiny babies whose lives were taken because of abortion created an ‘unsafe environment for students on campus.’

2) The time Planned Parenthood freaked out about the Tom Price HHS nomination
Representative Tom Price was nominated to become the Secretary of the Health & Human Services (HHS) Department by President-elect Donald Trump. Rep. Price is a doctor. He’s also 100% pro-life. Cue the Planned Parenthood freakout:



Cecile Richards released a statement citing her normal talking points about how the other side hates women, wants to take away their healthcare, etc. Calm down, Cecile. Just because the majority of Americans don’t want to fund abortions like you want everyone to do doesn’t mean we don’t love women.

1) The time Planned Parenthood couldn’t believe Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton
This was a given. Planned Parenthood threw over $30 million to get a certain someone elected and it didn’t work. Now they are whining about women not being able to afford basic healthcare (if that $30M went to women’s healthcare….) and how the world is going to end and we are all going to die, ignoring the fact that Planned Parenthood alone takes the lives of 887 innocent babies A DAY:

Our friends over at the SBA List tweeted out this genius response on election night:

Pro-Life Future Protests at Cecile Richards Speech, Encounters Suprises

By Terrisa Bukovinac, Pro-Life Future-San Francisco

This past Monday night in San Francisco, Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, delivered a speech entitled “The Future of Choice.”  Pro-Life Future of San Francisco (PLFSF) was on the scene that very cold night to protest and I didn’t know what to expect. Mostly I pictured a long line of people waiting to get in while they shouted at us but that’s not what happened and turned out to be one of many surprises of the night.

Just in case, I had prepared a couple hundred copies of just one of the contracts between Stem Express and Planned Parenthood, specifically the Marmonte location (on pink paper), in the hopes that it would land in the lap of the Medical Director whose signature was highlighted on the agreement!

Upon arrival, it was apparent that there was not a line at all, simply people entering and leaving the building.  There were about 15 of us already there, including several members of our chapter, as well as a Students For Life group from Southern California, and members of the community. PLFSF1

SFLA’s West Coast Regional Coordinator Camille Rodriguez was already engaged in a very intense conversation with some of the attendees.  I was later told from the other members that the woman originally approached Camille with agitation, but that the woman was moved to tears by the empathy, understanding, and clarity with which Camille spoke. She wanted to talk more after the speech and said she had never had such a conversation about abortion from “the other side”. They hugged as they said goodbye.

PLFSF2The majority of the crowd was millennial women, and some men.  There were some of the older generations there as well, far less then I’d expected. Most of them would walk by the protesters and quietly read the signs as they entered the building.

Members of PLFSF handed out the pink contracts saying “Would you like some information on Planned Parenthood”?  Many of them took the pink paper without a second thought.  Some refused it.  One girl took one and then kindly came back outside and said “I’m sorry I don’t want your propaganda”.

There were also two counter protesters.  The two women simply stood on the other side of the entry way holding their signs.  The lack of hostility from everyone was almost alarming.  Most were very polite.  There weren’t any weird tense moments.  Just real conversations, and quiet stares.

A woman approached us who immediately let us know that she supported our right to be there, and believed strongly in the right of free speech.  She said that she had had “many” abortions, but that allowed her to attend Harvard to study neurology. Learning about brain development in utero made her sometimes question the morality of abortion.  She also mentioned concerns about the fetal tissue donation program, and what she felt were the racist intentions behind the founding of the organization.  I offered her a copy of the contract and she freely took it.

When the counter protesters decided to leave I said “I appreciate your passion, have a good night”, and one of the women was totally surprised and immediately said “Thank you for saying that, I appreciate yours too!”  It was so genuine that it caught me off guard as well!  We saw the humanity in each other and didn’t reduce each other to the signs we were holding.

Several of us waited around until the end in order to make the biggest impact we could.  The entire crowd was greeted by us once again when they left and there were several other conversations to be had.

Overall I felt like the crowd was able see the person behind the protester.  San Franciscans are raised up protesting.  Many of them know what it’s like to fight for a cause and it’s much harder for them to dismiss us, since they know the personal sacrifice it takes to get out there in the cold in the hopes of reaching just one person. I’d like to think we reached a few of them.

Thank you to everyone who came out or tweeted along with the live stream.  Our efforts combined can turn the tide against the one organization truly exploiting women and unborn children for their own financial gains.  #ShutItDown


The Pro-Life Gen Changes Medical Minds

By Bethany Janzen, SFLA Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor, was the keynote speaker at the American Medical Association’s Annual Meeting in Denver this past weekend. And the Pro-Life Generation was there to tell her – and all the attendees – that abortion isn’t healthcare.

Sixteen courageous high school and college students, healthcare personnel, and community members sacrificed their Sunday to stand in solidarity with the human person. We respectfully spoke with and informed the medical community coming to hear Cecile Richards give her keynote address.

We also talked with several pro-life medical staff, two of which wanted to have their picture taken with our “I Am the Pro-Life Generation” signs. One lady walking into the building held up a handmade “Respect Life” sign to show her support.

We had our #PinkFleet van parked across the street, an easy visual to remind people of Bethany AMA2Planned Parenthood’s shady business practices and betrayal of women. We also held banners explaining Planned Parenthood’s Cycle of Corruption and handed out informational cards. A Registered Nurse in a white lab coat held a sign reading, “Do No Harm” along with a local anesthesiologist who proudly held another pro-life sign.

“What’s this about?” asked one medical professional.

“We believe that every life is valuable and that you should do no harm, including to the preborn,” I responded.

“I agree that abortion isn’t good, but sometimes it’s necessary,” he countered. “For the life of the mother, for example.”

“We are pro-life. That means that we want to preserve the life of as many people as possible. So if both the mother and baby will die as a result of the pregnancy continuing, as in the case of a tubal pregnancy, an early delivery is done – often at 12 weeks. Sadly, we don’t have the technology at this point for the baby to live this young. But if the mother has a different condition like cancer, an early delivery after about 24 weeks is often possible and the mom and baby can both live.”

“I’m with you,” the healthcare professional walked away saying.

But sometimes we more subtly communicated our message.

“Have a great day!” I greeted medical personnel as they bee lined into the convention center, handing them one of Students for Life’s bright pink “Planned Parenthood Project” postcards.

“No thanks,” many responded, before suddenly stopping, turning around, and saying, “Oh wait, I’ll take one.” I’m pretty sure they thought we were with Planned Parenthood but it didn’t matter because we were able to give them some good reading material and tell them what no else is saying: that abortion isn’t healthcare and that Cecile Richards runs an organization that gets over 40% of its revenue from taxpayers and still commits over 324,000 abortions per year.

But my story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning two girls who stopped to look at our banners.

Bethany AMA Cecile“I don’t like abortion, but Planned Parenthood does a lot of other great things,” one said.

After we informed them that Federally Qualified Health Centers provide holistic healthcare with all the services that Planned Parenthood does (except abortion) plus many more at no or low cost, they both said, “Let’s fund these, not Planned Parenthood!”

Despite the fact that the American Medical Association invited Cecile Richards, president of the nation’s largest abortion vendor which commits 30% of the country’s abortions every year, to speak at their annual meeting, American medical professionals don’t all agree with her. Many are pro-life.

Our Pink Van Showed Up at Cecile Richards’ Event Today

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, made a quick stop at Temple University in Philadelphia this morning to talk to all of 39 students about why “reproductive health” (aka abortion) is so important this election.

It is important. OPP Temple3ne party believes in abortion until the moment of birth for any reason whatsoever. Cecile Richards is adamant about supporting that position and about making sure politicians are elected that continue to write half a billion dollar checks each year to her organization.

But back to Temple University this morning. The incredible Students for Life group at Temple found out about the event just yesterday and immediately emailed their SFLA Regional Coordinator, Michele (well done!). Michele then set in motion plans to get one of our awesome vans from the #PinkFleet that’s traveling with the Cycle of Corruption campus tour up to the Temple campus today.

In the meantime, Temple Students for Life recruited students to meet us at the university and set up our Planned Parenthood Project display and hand out postcards that corresponded to that display, which uses facts and figures from Planned Parenthood’s own annual report to show they push abortion above all else and receive an astounding amount of taxpayer money. They also handed out postcards that explained Planned Parenthood’s corrupt role in the political process.

PP Temple1The event was put together in less than 24 hours and we are so proud of Temple Students for Life and our team!

This is the passion of the Pro-Life Generation – a passion to show that we care deeply about both mom and baby and that we believe in educating our peers to expose Planned Parenthood’s shady business practices and their daily betrayal of women.

If you hear that Cecile Richards is coming to your campus and you want our #PinkFleet van to show up, email your Regional Coordinator as soon as you find out!PP Temple4