A woman with glasses and shoulder-length black hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a shirt that reads, "ONE TEAM FAMILY."

Kayla Washington

Dale Oster

Kayla Washington grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia and is currently enrolled at Germanna Community College studying Business Administration. Kayla found her pro-life calling through a close friend who came extremely close to abortion. She had all odds against her and felt defeated. Kayla and her family counseled her and gave her the support and education she needed to understand just …

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Zach Sprouse

Dale Oster

Zach Sprouse grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia, and graduated from Regent University with a Bachelor’s in American Government and Politics. In 2016, Zach saw and studied the truth behind the abortion industry. After seeing what truly happens to children and women as a result of abortion, he decided that he could not sit on the sidelines. Zach currently resides in …

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Shaun Curry

Dale Oster

Shaun Curry grew up in southern Oregon and graduated from Chico State University with a bachelors in Social Sciences and Norwich University with a masters in Diplomacy. Shaun played baseball in college as a pitcher and ran a successful college republican group working with pro-life groups on and off campus and throughout the state of California. After working for years …

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Megan Roos

Dale Oster

Megan Roos grew up in Waco, TX and graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor’s in Communication. When Megan was 16, she saw an Instagram post that revealed how many thousands of lives abortion ends each day. Moved to action, she began with the first thing she knew to do–internet activism–and grew into sidewalk advocacy outside the nearest abortion …

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Jose Francisco Guzman Martinez

Dale Oster

Jose Francisco Guzman Martinez grew up in Monterrey, Mexico and Austin, Texas and then graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville after studying Social Work. Jose found the pull to pro-life work first by being involved in some door-to-door knocking, canvassing with FUS, and then his desire to advocate for vulnerable groups in critical life stages whilst he proceeded with his …

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Julia Sadik

Dale Oster

Julia Sadik grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania and graduated from Cedarville University after studying Business Management. Julia knew she felt called to work in the pro-life movement after watching the powerful and inspiring movie Unplanned. Her sophomore year, she joined the SFL club at Cedarville University and soon became Vice President of her organization. Julia has been featured in …

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Savannah Slattery

Dale Oster

Savannah grew up in Malibu, California and graduated from Loyola Marymount University after studying Marketing. While Savannah put all her focus into playing Division 1 volleyball in college, she never had super strong opinions about abortion, and didn’t understand the true effect it had on women and children. It was a common theme for women in sports to believe abortion …

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Julia Kenney

Dale Oster

Julia Kenney grew up in Crystal Lake, IL and graduated from Illinois State University where she earned her degree in Public Relations and Theatre. Growing up in the theatre world, Julia never understood what abortion truly was or the life-changing effects it had on women and children. Julia found her passion in the pro-life movement when she learned the truth …

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Chloe Osborne

Dale Oster

Chloe Osborne grew up in Rock Hill, SC and graduated from Charleston Southern University after majoring in Communication Studies. Chloe discovered her passion for the Pro-Life Movement by joining her local pregnancy center’s student panel. Through the Palmetto Women’s Center’s student panel, she learned more about abortion, how to defend and share her pro-life beliefs, volunteered with service projects to …