Look for Pro-Life Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for more pro-life experience? Check out local volunteer opportunities!

Pregnancy Help Centers are a great place to start! This will give you great experience in the pro-life movement. Not sure where your local PHC is located? Use Optionline’s PHC  finder to find one you can help!

Is there a regional pro-life organization near you? Look around for your state’s Right to Life chapter, the Respect Life Department of your local diocese, or even Students for Life and see if you can help! Remember, no task is too small. Even if it’s just filing papers or taking out the mail, pro-life organizations need all the help they can get. Every little bit counts!

Are you on Facebook all the time? Then volunteer to manage social media for Pregnancy Help Centers or local pro-life organizations. Help them start and maintain Facebook groups and Twitter accounts, or design graphics and memes to help promote their organization!

Are you more politically minded? Volunteer with your local pro-life representatives! They always can use help educating and activating the community!

For more ideas on how to volunteer in your community, contact SFLA’s National High School Coordinator, Missy Martinez at mmartinez@studentsforlife.org.