Get Educated with the September Event-in-a-Box!


You may not be super excited about the end of the summer… but you should be excited about the September Event-in-a-Box from Students for Life!

We are so close to abolishing abortion.

Are you ready to keep up the momentum?

The theme of the 2017 September Event-in-a-Box is “Abortion Procedures” and it includes everything you’ll need to bring the abortion dialogue back to its roots. There are too many pro-choice advocates out there supporting a violent procedure they may not even fully understand. Many of them have bought into the false notion that abortion is simply “the removal of a clump of tissue”.

Sometimes, a clean, honest conversation about what abortion really is can make all the difference.

This Event-in-a-Box will provide you with all the training and materials you’ll need to educate your peers about abortion procedures. Above all, we encourage you not to be afraid of this topic. We’ve taken the grim reality and packaged it in a way that is clean and informational.

PLUS- this is a great introductory event to do before you host the 2017 SFLA Fall Tour on your campus (hint hint)!

What’s in the Box?

Order the September Event-in-a-Box by contacting your Regional Coordinator TODAY!

If you are a student in Southern CA or AZ, contact Camille Rodriguez.

If you are a student in WA, contact Katie Lodjic.

If you are a student in CO or NM, contact Bethany Janzen.

If you are a student in MI, contact Audrey Nitzel.

If you are a student in MD, PA, DC, or DE, contact Michele Hendrickson.

If you are a student in KY or TN, contact Brenna Lewis.

If you are a student in NE, SD, or KS, contact Savannah Falter.

If you are a student in TX, contact Jillian Ferguson.

If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.

If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.

If you are a student in VT, ME, RI, NH, CT, or MA, contact Abby Young.

If you are a student in VA or WV, contact Lori Cascio.

If you are a student in Northern CA, contact Anna Arend.

If you are a student in OR or ID, contact Nichole Bentz.

If you are a student in OH, contact Morgan Getts.

If you are a student in IN, contact Anna Allgaier.

If you are a student in IA or IL, contact David Cordaro.

If you are a student in MN, contact Maddie Schulte.

If you are a student in MO, contact Reagan Barklage.

If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Brielle Heraty.

If you don’t have a pro-life group on your campus, but are interested in starting one, please contact us. We’d love to help you get started!

Email for more information.

August Event-in-a-Box is HERE!


Congratulations on starting another school year! We at Students for Life of America are excited for students across the nation to hit the ground running to further impact their middle school, high school, and college campuses with the pro-life message.

We are so close to abolishing abortion.

Now is the time to press harder than ever.


Our August Event-in-a-Box includes everything you’ll need to plan your year, recruit new members, and educate your campus about local healthcare resources that will redirect your peers away from Planned Parenthood.

This Event-in-a-Box will provide you with all the training and materials you’ll need to educate your peers about local FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers), and how to join your group. Educate and recruit your campus to the pro-life movement!

Let’s make this year the year we see abortion abolished in America!

What’s in the Box?

  • FQHC Worksheet
  • 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide
  • SFLA Recruitment Tips Sheet
  • Sign-Up Sheets
  • Recruitment Flyers
  • Join Us Postcards (Customize them for your group!)
  • Pro-Life Gen Wristbands
  • Pro-Life Gen Stickers
  • Pens

How to Use the Box:

  • Make copies of the 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide for your executive board to plan your specific campus events for the Contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule a Planning Your Year training for help!
  • Meet with your group or individually research FQHCs within a 15-mile radius of your campus. Fill-in the FQHC Worksheet with information about women’s health, general practice, dental, and vision clinics. Make as many copies of the worksheet (double-sided) as you think you’ll need to pass out as you table. This will give your peers other places to turn for healthcare, instead of going to Planned Parenthood!
  • Get permission from your school, if needed, to set up a table for recruitment and pass out the FQHC worksheet. Make copies of the SFLA Recruitment Flyers, and post them throughout campus a few days before recruiting.
  • Schedule a Recruitment training with your Regional Coordinator before tabling!
  • Host a Recruitment table on campus! Use the sign-up sheets, pens, Join Us cards, and goodies from SFLA to promote your group. Give students a copy of the FQHC Worksheet, along with a Join Us card, and invite them check out your group!

Order the August Event-in-a-Box by contacting your Regional Coordinator today!

If you are a student in Southern CA or AZ, contact Camille Rodriguez.

If you are a student in WA, contact Katie Lodjic.

If you are a student in CO or NM, contact Bethany Janzen.

If you are a student in MI, contact Audrey Nitzel.

If you are a student in MD, PA, DC, or DE, contact Michele Hendrickson.

If you are a student in KY or TN, contact Brenna Lewis.

If you are a student in NE, SD, or KS, contact Savannah Falter.

If you are a student in TX, contact Jillian Ferguson.

If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.

If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.

If you are a student in VT, ME, RI, NH, CT, or MA, contact Abby Young.

If you are a student in VA or WV, contact Lori Cascio.

If you are a student in Northern CA, contact Anna Arend.

If you are a student in OR or ID, contact Nichole Bentz.

If you are a student in OH, contact Morgan Getts.

If you are a student in IN, contact Anna Allgaier.

If you are a student in IA or IL, contact David Cordaro.

If you are a student in MN, contact Maddie Schulte.

If you are a student in MO, contact Reagan Barklage.

If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Tiffany Taylor.

If you don’t have a pro-life group on your campus, but are interested in starting one, please contact us. We’d love to help you get started!

Email for more information.

Pro-life middle schooler shocks class, teacher with knowledge of Planned Parenthood & abortion

By Kate Lodjic, Northwest Regional Coordinator.

“Hey Katie!! Guess what happened in class today?!”

I got this Snapchat message from the leader of the Northwest’s first middle school group.

Not only is Cascade Middle School Students for Life the first public middle school group in the Northwest, it is the first and only club at the school, which is located in Sedro-Woolley, Washington.

The students in this club are some of the most passionate pro-life warriors in the state. The leader went on to tell me that their health class teacher wrote Planned Parenthood on the board for them to use as a resource, and one of the club members promptly raised her hand and told the teacher to take it off the board (I love our students).

When the teacher asked why, she told her that Planned Parenthood is a bad place and does abortions.

A couple days later, the same teacher began a unit on fetal development and pregnancy. When she began talking about the development of the pre-born child, the leader raised her hand and asked a simple question. She asked, “At what stage of development do most abortions take place at Planned Parenthood?”

The teacher responded with “three months.” To which the student replied, “can you show us a picture of that stage of development?”

The teacher quickly Googled a picture of a fetus at three months, and put it on the projector for the students to see.

At three months, the baby can suck her thumb, yawn, can have complex facial expressions, and you can tell if it’s a boy or a girl. It looks like a baby.

The class was in a silent shock when they saw the photo. The leader had everyone’s attention, even the pro-choice students.

The pro-life leader wasn’t done. She then asked the teacher, “Well what’s not human about that baby?”

The teacher didn’t respond for a while, but said, “That’s a controversial issue, Emily, but pro-lifers believe that life begins at conception, while pro-choicers believe life doesn’t begin until later.”

Side note: science proves life begins at conception.

Needless to say, I think she changed the minds of most students in that class that day.

This is the same group of girls that had a baby save last year, after giving a fellow student pregnancy resource information.

This is why it is so important for pro-life groups to be present in middle schools and high schools. Planned Parenthood is in our middle school classrooms, in some areas of the Northwest, they are in the kindergarten classrooms – these children are five and six-years-old wearing princess t-shirts and superman shorts.

If we want to abolish abortion, we need to start the race at the beginning, when students are first forming their ideas about the abortion issue. There is no doubt in my mind that the students who were in that classroom will always remember what a baby at three months looks like, and that it is legal to kill that innocent little child. And hopefully, if they are ever faced with an abortion decision, they will think back to that day in 8th grade health class when they saw the picture of the little baby on the projector screen.

BIG things happening at Clark College SFL!

Congratulations to Clark College Students for Life as
April’s Group of the Month!

This month, Clark College SFL demonstrated their dedication to exposing the reality of abortion, both for the child and mother, by equipping themselves with the knowledge they needed to peacefully confront the opposition.

The group participated in a 40 Days for Life vigil, attended the Northwest Leadership Summit and Oregon Right to Life Conference, and prepared themselves for the confrontation that lay before them on their own campus.

Clark College Students for Life hosted Josh Brahm from the Equal Rights Institute for an apologetics training about how to respond to the argument, “My Body, My Choice”. This group understands their campus, and took the necessary steps towards equipping themselves for future pro-life activism!


The group held a unique Cemetery of the Innocents display for a week, where they added 50 crosses a day to represent the number of abortions that happen each day in Washington State. The event was protested and the local Planned Parenthood Director came out to talk with the group.

Shortly after they chatted, crosses from the display were stomped on by abortion advocates. This didn’t discourage the group from continuing with their plans for their next event though. That same week, the group hosted a Students for Life “Human Rights” display and tabled at their school’s Involvement Fair.

The following week, they hosted a campus-wide screening of HUSH and educated their peers about the correlations between abortion and breast cancer, pre-term birth, and mental health issues. Clark College Student’s for Life isn’t afraid of creating controversy on their campus and bringing awareness to the pain that abortion causes for everyone.

It is for this reason that we proudly name Clark College Students for Life as
April’s Group of the Month!

Show Your SFLA Pride at Graduation!


Graduation is just around the corner for many of our high school and college group leaders. Amidst the stress of taking final exams, making decisions about what to do next in life, and planning an awesome summer to just chill, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. All those nights of studying, group projects, and tests prepared you for the next chapter in life.

You made it.



Beyond how much you’ve learned in school, we want to encourage you look back at how much you’ve accomplished in the pro-life movement alone. Whether you’ve been a forerunner by starting a pro-life group on your campus or just recently joined, we are proud of you.

You have worked hard to create enduring change on your campus by recruiting students to the pro-life movement, converting abortion proponents, and providing resources and support for pregnant and parenting students.

You’ve made a difference.giphy (2)

Students for Life believes that this is such a pivotal moment in your life and would like to offer a gift to show how proud we are of our student leaders and to honor your commitment to finishing strong.

Wearing the Students for Life graduation cords will give you one more chance to share your vision for a pro-life campus with friends, family, and fellow students when they ask what it means. Share the pro-life message. Tell them all that you have accomplished. Be a voice for the voiceless.

Once you submit the form, SFLA will also connect you with a pro-life leader for whatever path you’ve chosen to take.

Your activism doesn’t need to stop after graduation. From college to pro-life future groups, Students for Life is here to support you with transitioning into the next chapter of your life.

Together, we will continue to fight to abolish abortion in your lifetime!

Below is the order form to complete and submit to receive your free purple SFLA graduation cords to wear on your special day!

Save Babies. Win Free Stuff. Jam Out.

As the school year draws to an end, Students for Life wants to give your group something special for the all hard work you have done on your campus to abolish abortion. For the May Event-in-a-box, we are partnering with Rock for Life to challenge you as group leaders and members to join their Street Teams. As a member of the Rock for Life Street Team you can complete Action Items during the month of May and throughout the summer to earn Street Team Points (STP) that are redeemable for sweet pro-life swag!

We’ve heard from so many of our students about wanting to stay connected with SFLA over the summer and continuing to abolish abortion. This summer, we’re providing you with fun and easy ways to do just that by joining the Rock for Life Street Team!Street Team Join US - 1440x600

Before locking-down your break plans, imagine this: a warm summer night at a music festival, winning Rock for Life merchandise, and saving babies by sharing the pro-life message. We know. Not much else compares.

So, what are you waiting for?

To get more information on May’s Event-in-a-Box, please visit our College or High School pages!

Queens College Students for Life: March Winner!

Students for Life of America would like to recognize the amazing efforts of Queens College Students for Life for the month of March to advance the mission of the Pro-Life Generation! Despite facing discrimination by their administration, this group continued to push forward with establishing themselves as the voice for the voiceless on their campus. Since becoming an official group in January, Queens College SFL hosted a variety of events and continues to grow in numbers.

This month, the group created their own Cemetery of the Innocents Display to commemorate the lives of those who have been lost to abortion and to educate students who may not know about this travesty. Group members made 3,000 “R.I.P” markers and placed them throughout the campus quad for all students to see. During their free hour, when most students are not in class, group members were available to answer questions presented by students who passed by.

During the first day of the display, group members faced vandalizing and angry pro-abortion students, but they were not discouraged. The group returned for a second day to host the display and peaceful conversations were held with students who wanted to know more about the group and the lives lost each year to abortion.

A counter-display was put-up by a group of students with a clothes-line decorated by hangers, and a sign that read “never again”. Queens College Students for Life gracefully demonstrated how to “agree to disagree” by conversing with the opposition and establishing mutual respect despite differences in viewpoints. Way to build relationships!

In addition to the success with the Cemetery of the Innocents, Queens College SFL is planning to host a Pregnant on Campus tabletop display to begin dialogue with studentsQCSFL- Group Pic for how to best support pregnant and parenting students.

To bring awareness of the 324,000 babies killed each year by abortion, the group is participating in the Students for Life of America new campaign to #Sockit2PP. This group is focused on abolishing abortion and understands the impact of educating students while providing resources for meeting their immediate needs.

Congratulations to Queens College Students for Life for being SFLA’s March Group of the Month!

Plan Your Year 2017-2018!

Here at Students for Life, we are steadily planning awesome materials and events for next year, and we want to share our latest creation with you! The 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide is here and ready to help your group have the best year ever!

We understand that students have a lot going on with classes, exams, school breaks and events. Throw in being a part of the largest pro-life organization on your campus, and you’ll see that time-management and planning play major roles in making a difference. To help your group stay on top of your game, we created a 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide!

Happy young woman sitting at home with pen and paper

To get started, take the time to read through the guide and create balance for your group between civic and social activities and events. For example, schedule a training with your Regional Coordinator for Recruitment, then plan a day to volunteer at your local Pregnancy Resource Center. Try to avoid only focusing on one area of the pro-life movement. Instead, engage your community with a variety of events that advance the pro-life message throughout the year.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Guide:

  • Print it! (We know, this may seem “old school” but you’ll thank us later!)
  • Mark important dates: Freshman Orientation, First/Last day of class, Exam Weeks, All major holidays, breaks, or school events (football games, homecoming, etc.) We’ve listed all national pro-life events, but be sure to fill in your local events and campaigns.
  • Brainstorm and create a list of events to do throughout the school year. Mix it up with small and big events, and begin with those that build relationships between members. Slowly move towards more advanced activities as the year progresses.
  • Set goals. Be realistic with planning your events. Consider costs, materials needed, and time required to pull them off. Plan an activity every other week (in addition to weekly meetings) and one big event each semester. Contact your Regional Coordinator for training with Planning Your Year over the summer.
  • Review the calendar at your first meeting of the new year with the group. Make any changes, additions, or deletions as needed, and start delegating responsibilities for specific activities in order to make them happen.

Refer back to the Plan Your Year Guide throughout the year to stay on track. Use it to create a budget for each event with help from your Regional Coordinator.

This is YOUR year to plan. Make it COUNT!

For a preview, visit: 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide and print your own copy. Contact your Regional Coordinator, or email with any questions!

April Event in a Box: Abortion Pill Reversal Awareness

Spring has sprung here at Students for Life, and we want to spread the message of hope to those who may have fallen victim to Winter’s lie of what a “real” woman looks like. This hope is found in the blossoming message of Abortion Pill Reversal. This little-known secret is growing and becoming more and more available for mothers who may have taken the first pill of the RU-486 abortion, and soon after regretted their decision. By using Abortion Pill Reversal, mothers can increase their chances of counteracting the negative effects of taking the abortion pill and save their baby’s life!

APR FlyerFor the month of April, we want to provide you with all the materials you will need to spread awareness of Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) on campus and through a sidewalk counseling event. Your Event in a Box contains all the tools necessary to be successful with spreading the news about APR, and will equip you to engage women in conversation about resources in their community.

To get more information on April’s Event in a Box, please visit our COLLEGE and HIGH SCHOOL pages!

High School: 2017 Group of the Year Awards


StartingHuntingtown High a new group at the high school level comes with its challenges, but this group started strong right out of the gate. The students at Huntingtown High School held SFLA training’s, attended local marches, prayed outside of abortion facilities, supported their local pregnancy resource center, and participated in some of the most influential activism events in our movement.  This team of awesome students was part of a small group in the DC area that helped pray throughout the night at the Supreme Court before the Whole Women’s Health case was heard, and they helped pull off our #ProLifeGen Rally the day before the East Coast National Conference.



Our Group of the Year  for 2016 never ceases to amaze us at SFLA! This group participates in Prayer & Pancakes, where they go to pray at Planned Parenthood on a Saturday morning and then go to breakfast. They hosted a school-wide Pro-Life Assembly and multiple speakers, including their Regional Coordinator. Last October, S.A.L.T Life at Benet Academy did a Rosary for Life, sidewalk chalked, stood in the entry of their school with pro-life signs and chants as students were dropped off for school, and they also got super creative and hosted a fundraiser called “Nacho life to take.”

Five years ago, this group had seven members attend the March for Life, but this year they brought over 100 participants. Way to go!