Pass the Torch: Leadership Transition Webinar


Tuesday, April 18th at 8pm ET

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Last June, the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, signaling a huge victory for the pro-life movement! But the abortion industry is fighting back—HARD.  

Whether or not abortion is legal in your state, now’s the time to increase our pro-life efforts, ensuring that no woman needs to face a difficult pregnancy alone.  

We are offering a special webinar designed to help you transition your Students for Life group to become new leaders after you graduate. 

This year's Pass the Torch Leadership Transition Webinar will be hosted via Zoom on Tuesday, April 18th at 8 PM ET. It's free to attend! 

This webinar is for current leaders of Students for Life groups who are graduating and the incoming leaders who plan to take over the group.



Why Join?

Join the Pass the Torch webinar to...

1. Learn how to be a strong pro-life leader
2. Discuss the practicalities of transitioning group leadership well
3. Equip you to keep up your group's momentum

Don't let the flame of your passionate pro-life legacy on campus burn out.


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