SFLA Prez Challenges Cecile Richards to a Bake-Off

People Magazine deserves some kind of “Best Fluff Piece of the Year” award for their fawning story on Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor.

Just check out this headline:

The content of the piece doesn’t any better. Readers learn that Cecile loves to make cherry pies. They don’t learn that Planned Parenthood has been referred by both the US House and Senate for criminal charges in their baby body parts for-profit scheme.

They also don’t learn that abortion is Planned Parenthood’s main business, constituting nearly 96% of services for pregnant women.

They also don’t learn that since Cecile took the helm of Planned Parenthood in 2006, the abortion giant has lost 22.5% of patients!

And they certainly don’t learn that prenatal care was cut by 46% at Planned Parenthood in the last year.

And lastly, readers certainly won’t learn that Planned Parenthood has excess revenue in 2015 of $77.5 MILLION. Do you know how many cherry pies that can buy? If the average cost of a homemade cherry pie (a good one) is $32, then Cecile can buy 2,421,875 cherry pies with all that money!

SFLA’s president Kristan Hawkins, who tries to save the lives of babies and persuade women not to enter Planned Parenthood, is also genius in the kitchen. She challenged Mrs. Richards to a bake-off:

Cecile is probably too busy in her plush Manhattan office though, scheming up ways to make taxpayers pay for more abortions.