New York Has an Awesome Way to Get Involved as a Pro-Lifer

By Keri Landeche, The Jon Scharfenberger Students for Life of America Northeast Regional Coordinator

Living in the abortion capital of the country, where one in every 10 pregnancies end in an abortion, can sometimes be a depressing place to wake up to every morning. The feeling of despair can creep in and make you start to believe that there is no way to end abortion in New York City due to the vast amount of women seeking abortions.

Some places in the Bronx and Brooklyn have over 40% of viable pregnancies ending in abortion. The reality is that the abortion industry is targeting these impoverished minority neighborhoods when these women are in their most vulnerable position: an unplanned pregnancy.

To combat these feelings of despair, we only need to look at the faces of the babies saved and realize that even one of these saved is success. We must hope that we will and can end abortion in our lifetime by making it unthinkable and helping women facing unintended pregnancies.

So how do we do that?

In New York, we are fortunate to have the Sisters of Life, a contemplative/active religious community of women founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O’Connor for the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life. The Sisters welcome pregnant guests to live with them in one of their convents as well as assist pregnant women in need through their visitation mission.

My favorite program of the Sisters of Life is the Co-Workers of Life, which is a large and growing network of faithful laity that serve pregnant women in need in whatever ways they can.

The Sisters of Life connect the pregnant moms to a Co-Worker to be a friend and support, as many of them have been rejected by those closest to them.  Co-Workers of Life share their talents, time, and their very selves in service to the women in need.

Co-Workers come from all walks of life – spiritual leaders, business professionals, medical doctors, counselors and lawyers – to assist the women, while college and university contacts help with placement and transfer credits for vulnerable pregnant women.

A Co-Worker can do something as small as give a ride to the bus stop or doctor appointment to something as big as becoming a Godparent for their child! It is in these ways, small and large, that empower women to choose life knowing that they have people in their community willing to support them.

If you are interested in becoming a Co-Worker of Life or attending a Co-Worker Training Day in order to learn more about how you can put your gifts at the service of others, call the Sisters of Life at:
United States: (646) 882-1087
Canada: (877) 543-3380