Melanie Salazar

Texas Regional Intern
[email protected]

Melanie Salazar grew up in San Antonio, Texas and is expecting to graduate summer 2021 from the University of Texas at San Antonio after studying Communication with a double minor in Spanish and Civic Engagement. 

Melanie was briefly passively pro-life and used to fight for many other causes. Melanie used to volunteer as a peer mentor, advocate for the environment, fight for the end to domestic violence, and work with the homeless population. After learning the truth of what abortion is and the science of human life, Melanie decided there was no greater injustice to be fighting against and movement to be a part of. 

In 2017, Melanie refounded her Students For Life group at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Soon after, she was mentored through multiple fellowship programs: Justice For Life, Texas Right to Life, and Students for Life’s William Wilberforce Fellowship. Melanie was a part of the first #Justice4Life tour in support of the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, participated in SFLA’s pro-life mission trip to Australia, and lived in D.C. as part of the SCOTUS Squad in support of the confirmation of Justice Amy Barrett. 

Through Students For Life Action, Melanie has lobbied and testified as a State Squad Captain in favor of pro-life bills and worked as a Campaign Intern across the country. Currently, she is a part of our Student Spokespersons program and is a professional sidewalk advocate through her internship for the San Antonio Coalition For Life.  

Melanie has been featured in ABC Nightline and has spoken at the statewide Texas Rally for Life.  

Melanie currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s Texas Regional Intern. This work includes assisting the Regional Manager with maintaining and improving SFLA groups in the region, performing research projects, attending events on campus or in the community, and maintaining communication with groups.  

Melanie can be contacted at [email protected].  

Download Melanie’s headshot here.