Lydia Taylor

[email protected]

Lydia Taylor grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and is graduating in 2024 from Campbell University after studying management.

Lydia became involved in the pro-life movement in high school, and in college, she dedicated her life to ending abortion. After becoming President of Campbell Students For Life and founding the North Carolina Pro-Life Force, Lydia became known across her community as “the pro-life girl” by both her haters and supporters. Lydia passed the first pro-life resolution at Campbell University and was voted the winner of the 2023 Campbell Abortion Debate. Lydia has received national publicity for the pro-abortion backlash she faces and has been featured on Fox News, Steve Bannon’s War Room, NewsMax, the Whatever Podcast, Wall Street Journal, ABC, and other news outlets. Lydia has spoken at the National Pro-Life Summit, many other pro-life events, and also tours college campuses speaking about abortion. As a Spokesperson for Students For Life, Lydia works tirelessly to end abortion nationwide.

Lydia can be contacted at [email protected].