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Welcome to the National Leaders Collective Class of 2025

Congratulations, you have been invited to join SFLA's National Leaders Collective (NLC)! This community of leaders includes students accepted to one of SFLA's and SFLAction's NINE different yearlong leadership programs designed to help students find their niche in the pro-life movement. These leadership programs not only equip you to make the biggest impact on your campus based on your school’s unique needs, but also provide support, networking opportunities, and training to advance your pro-life skills all year.

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Your year as a member of the NLC begins with the summer kickoff weekend, Thursday, June 20th - Monday, June 24th, 2024. Leaders will have the opportunity to collaborate, network, and hear from pro-life experts in various fields about how to best abolish abortion in their communities and nationwide. Attendees will also have hands-on activism events to attend, plus time to network and build relationships with other leaders that will continue throughout the 2024-2025 academic year.

This year’s kickoff weekend includes admission to all National Celebration Life Day activities and events!

This kickoff event is by invitation only, participants must be accepted to a leadership program, or invited as a leader to represent your group for an annual award. No outside guest attendance.

Hear what past leaders say about the kickoff weekend of the National Leaders Collective.

“The speakers were incredibly motivational and their stories were moving. This was a weekend of empowerment, one I am confident will guide and sustain me through the upcoming year in pro-life leadership on my campus. Thank you for your commitment to this cause and all of your hard work putting this weekend together. It was a blast!”

- McKinzie Horsley, Christian Leadership Fellow 

“I learned so much and felt so inspired to go back to my school and community and advocate for life even more. I got a lot of ideas, not just for events and activities, but also for how I am going to make my club leadership team more efficient. Overall, it was an awesome experience and event and I hope to come back! All of the staff and students were inspiring and awesome.”

- Emma Duell, Thaddeus Stevens Fellow 

“This was such an amazing weekend; I will always remember it. I am so blessed to have been accepted into this fellowship so that I can grow as a leader in this movement. Thank you Students for Life staff for pouring into us and trusting us to be the post-Roe generation.”

- KaeLeigh Ausley, Christian Leadership Fellow 

“I really loved this conference. I will remember that weekend for the rest of my life. Not only did we get to see the historic overturning of Roe and Casey, but we also got to hear from wonderful speakers. I am very happy with my program, and I got to make new friends. It is encouraging to see like-minded young people like myself.”

- Houston Watson, Invictus Men’s Fellow 

“Best weekend of my life.”

- Carrena Falls, Hildegard Art Fellow 

“I mean we did start with running to the Supreme Court to celebrate the overturning of Roe, so that was a solid start! Then the entire rest of the conference was the perfect balance between training talks, community involvement (door knocking, monuments tour), and free time. I was able to build strong friendships with people from all around the country, boosting my morale and giving me the encouragement I needed to continue fighting 100% for this movement. Not to mention, all the highly qualified people that presented trainings and spoke were invaluable and inspiration and made me feel invested in by Students for Life.”

- Rose vonErden, Standing With You Fellow 

“This experience was amazing. Students for Life went above and beyond to treat me so well. It was scheduling so smooth even with changes, flights were perfect and stress free, and the hotel and food was way too nice! I am so appreciative for how SFLA got security and worked hard to protect us students. SFLA is such a respected organization and I honestly don't know how the NLC could have been better. The staff's efforts and sacrifices that went into this trip was extremely evident.”

- Georgia Lucas, Group of the Year Nominee 

“It was SO much fun celebrating such a major win with so many awesome and supportive people I learned a lot about how to help women post-roe and am excited to continue learning through my fellowship!! I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the weight of running my SFL group completely alone with little turnout at my super liberal school, but after this experience, I feel a lot more confident that things will work out and be much better this year! I got a lot of great ideas about how I can rope in members (and hopefully leadership positions) and I feel a lot more motivated to continue fighting for this!!!”

- Kylie Krempp, Standing With You Fellow 

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