National Pro-Life Gen
Sidewalk Advocacy Day 2023

To abolish abortion in our lifetime, we need to make it unavailable and unthinkable. The most important way to do that is to ensure that every woman knows about the amazing resources available to her and her preborn baby. That's why you should join us on Saturday, August 19th for Students for Life of America’s National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day!

We are calling the Post-Roe Generation to be on the front lines, reaching out to women and saving lives. Again, our goal is to make abortion unavailable and unthinkable by ensuring that No Woman Stands Alone in a Post-Roe America.

Many people sidewalk counsel regularly, but this is a unique opportunity to come together with students and community members across the nation – all on the same day.  

On Saturday, August 19th, the Post-Roe  Generation will be hitting abortion facility sidewalks AND pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid that have pledged to dispense chemical abortion across the nation  to save lives and give hope to mothers in need through sidewalk advocacy.

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Attend a Free Training

Lauren Muzyka from Sidewalk Advocates for Life will be joining us for a live virtual training on Thursday, August 17th at 8pm EST. Register for National Sidewalk Day to receive information for accessing this free training. 

Also, check out the following do’s and don’ts for successfully participating in National Sidewalk Day:  


1. Be peaceful, helpful, goal-oriented.
2. Smile and be pleasant.
3. Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings.
4. Have compassion.
5. Know the literature you have in your hand.
6. Back up what you say. Click here to have your questions about human development, abortion, and the abortion industry answered.
7. Show each mother that you care about her, not just her child.
8. Speak clearly and loudly enough to hear. 


1. Do not yell.
2. Do not display unapproachable body language (crossing arms, grumpy expression, etc.).
3. Do not block the woman’s walking path.
4. Do not be aggressive.
5. Do not evangelize.
6. Do not goof around.
7. Do not touch the person – be respectful of personal space.
8. Do not break the law (e.g. don’t touch the front door, respect property lines, etc.).
9. Do not carry signs if you’re counseling; stick to in-hand literature.  

If you would like to be a Sidewalk Captain and facilitate your city’s participation,
please note that on the Signup Form below.

Sidewalk Captains who sign up by Monday, August 14th will receive an event kit with chalk, Standing With You t-shirts, blessing bag supplies, resource cards, and more!

Why Sidewalk Counseling?

Sidewalk Counseling is such an important and practical way to affirm life in your community. If you're not familiar with what Sidewalk Counseling is, it's exactly what it sounds like! It's when pro-life advocates stand outside of an abortion facility (usually on a public sidewalk) and try to counsel women going in that there are better, safer, more compassionate solutions to her problems than abortion.

It’s especially important right now as many women are feeling uncertain about the future, pressured by peers and even their employers throwing money at them to abort, and suffering under economic strain. They need to hear a message of HOPE – not fear. 

As a witness on the sidewalks in front of abortion facilities, you are the last face these women see before they enter. You are their final hope; the last opportunity to turn around. Many have already made up their minds, but you have the potential to impact them in such a way that they may reconsider.  

The young women (and men) who are entering abortion facilities need to see someone on the sidewalk they can relate to. The turnaround rate is even higher when there are counselors who look like peers. That’s why we need you.  

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