National Apologetics Webinar

The webinar, "Combatting Aggressive Conversations," starts in...


Odds are, if you have been open about your pro-life beliefs, then you have been pulled into an aggressive conversation instigated by an emotional abortion supporter. After all, the topic incites heated feelings like nothing else can.

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Join our next National Apologetics Webinar on Wednesday, February 16th at 8pm ET to help you face those aggressive conversations head-on and start changing even the most hardened hearts and minds on your campus! 

This session, called “Combating Aggressive Conversations," will fully prepare you to embrace the tough conversations on a variety of abortion-related topics. Especially as we approach the reversal of Roe v. Wade, knowing how to de-escalate and address angry abortion supporters compassionately and gracefully is an invaluable skill. 

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Our guest presenter is Stephanie (Gray) Connors, expert pro-life apologist and founder of Love Unleashes Life.