Should Men Have a Voice on Abortion?

Men are often told it’s best to stay out of pregnancy decisions… but does that help or hurt the women in their lives?

Does offering men an “out” of responsibility promote equality between the sexes?

How should men respond to unplanned pregnancies?


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Q1. Is the abortion debate really as simple as “My Body, My Choice?”

Response: It is scientifically observable that preborn babies have bodies that are unique and distinct from their mothers. Learn more here.

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Q3. Should men stay out of their partners’ abortion decisions?

Response: The majority of post-abortive women say that they would have chosen life had their partners been more supportive. This means, whether vocalized or not, women usually want their partner’s input on important, difficult decisions like this.

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Q2. Are men affected by abortion?

Response: There is mounting evidence that men are at risk of significant psychological trauma if their babies are aborted. Listen to “Clementine’s Story” here.

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Q4. Should men have a voice on abortion?

Response: One does not need to have experienced hunger or poverty to fight for adequate food and social services. Likewise, one does not need to be pregnant to protect women and preborn children.

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Should Men Have a Voice on Abortion?

Her Body, Her Choice?

Abortion is portrayed as a woman’s issuehowever, the opinion of the man in her life impacts and often determines her choice.


  • The majority of women (60%) with abortion experience say they would have chosen life if they were better supported.¹
  • When men embrace the duty of fatherhood, preborn lives aren’t lost, and the mother, father, and child become more prosperous.

“I’ll support whatever you choose” does NOT HELP her. Supporting her “choice” without embracing fatherhood puts the full responsibility of choice on her.

Abortion impacts both women and men.

In addition to the many significant ways that abortion hurts women, men whose children are aborted (whether they wanted to choose life or not) experience negative effects, as well. Some key data points to keep in mind:

  • Roughly one in five men will experience abortion in their lifetime.2
  • One study indicated that more than 70% of post-abortive men experienced adverse psychological effects from their partners’ much so that more than half of all post-abortive men sought some kind of support after abortion.3
  • Multiple studies suggest that the vast majority of men who experience abortion suffer emotional consequences with one study predicting that nearly 60% are “at risk of prolonged or unsolved grief.”4

Embracing Fatherhood is Heroic:

Fatherhood is a worthy challenge:

  • Unplanned pregnancy is an opportunity to self-actualize as the father and the man you are meant to be.
  • Fatherhood is a difficult journeybut difficult things are worth doing.
  • We can spend our lives looking for purpose, but is there a more courageous one than protecting and caring for a family?

True heroes protect vulnerable people:

  • Firefighters protect people from disaster.
  • Soldiers protect our nation from foreign threats.
  • Fathers should authentically support their partners and protect their preborn children.

“Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Abortion hurts, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You are not alone!

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