Students Join Governor to Sign Abortion Ban :   Victory! Last week, Students for Life leaders joined North Dakota’s governor, Doug Burgum, in signing HB 1546 – a dismemberment abortion ban! Since apparently we’re in a place as a country where dismembering babies is up for debate. This bill soared through the legislative process by a wide affirmative margin. Good on North Dakota legislators for knowing how barbaric dismemberment abortions are.   Students for Life leaders from the University of Mary joined the Governor for the signing of this common-sense bill. It’s inspiring to see student leaders so involved on the political side of abolishing abortion!    Dismemberment abortions, also called D&E abortions, are second-trimester procedures. As a reminder, the second trimester is months three through six of pregnancy. Babies in utero start feeling pain in this window. At this point, the baby is too large to fit through the suction machine. So the abortionist must use a sopher clamp to pull the baby apart and a curette blade to scrape everything out. I.e. not good for women and their uteruses and definitely not good for their babies.  Check out this non-graphic video where a former abortionist describes how it’s done.   Our Northern Regional Coordinator, Noah Maldonado, noted: 
"Dismemberment abortions are not acceptable in a civilized society. How we treat the most innocent and vulnerable among us says a lot about who we are as a country and as a culture. Here in North Dakota, we are so excited to support the pro-life actions of legislators who respect life in law." 
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