[VIDEO] Dealing with Science-Deniers at the University of Chicago:   Pro-life is pro-science. No intellectually-honest doctor is going to tell you that biological human life starts at any point other than conception, and we've had the medical technology (for a while now) to study embryos and fetuses to learn about their development. Your science textbooks in high school told you the facts about embryology. It's too bad these folks never cracked them open. Science aside, it's disgusting when pro-abortion people treat pro-life people like less than humans. See below when a random angry man shrieks, "They deserve to be yelled at!" Sarah Minnich, Regional Coordinator in Illinois, has the great pleasure of doing pro-life work in abortion-loving Chicago. This month, she took a pro-life display to the University of Chicago where everyone's pro-abortion minds exploded. A different idea on campus? GASP! Sarah held her own and documented the following incident:  

University of Chicago

April 22nd, 2019, Approx. 1-2PM

Most people were upset about our stance against Planned Parenthood and abortion. I took note of some of the craziest things people said to us.
  • One student gave me the junk argument that there is "no difference between the government forcing people to be organ donors and pregnant women being forced to use her bodily functions to "incubate" the fetus." That same student made a sign saying "Students for reproductive justice" and sat across from us, passing out info on Planned Parenthood. 
  • A group of students that stayed for at least an hour were not confrontational, however, their opinions were scary.
    • One man said, "Those 911 crosses represent, for you, 911 children. For me, they represent 911 women who get the opportunity to live their best lives."
    • One girl said, “It is just a bunch of cells that should not interfere with a woman living her best life." When I used scientific evidence for fetal development, she responded, "That is your opinion and your science.”
  • A man came up to our display and started to hijack the conversation by being rude and difficult to dialogue with. When I said that we should not label people as “unwanted” or even “unplanned,” he said that was the “whitest thing he has ever heard.”
  • After the “conversation ended,” he remained at our display yelling at us for about an hour. When asked by a bystander, “What are you gaining from yelling at them?” he said, "These people do not deserve dialogue...they deserve to be yelled at." Also, "Yelling at them makes me feel better."
  • A group of students walked by him saying, "You are my hero." He also at one point yelled at us, "You just do not want women to have sex” and that sex was not important, “just a bunch of animals doing it.”
  • He also said a few egregious things which are in the video below. When I compared the injustice of abortion to the injustice of slavery, he said, “That is the second whitest thing I have heard you say all day. You can’t compare abortion to slavery...fetuses were never enslaved.” Which is sadly untrue, preborn children are enslaved to the passions of their parents and the choices of their mothers.
  • The man admitted that he wasn't even a student at the school. So a random, rabidly rude and pro-abortion stranger was just wandering the campus, harassing actual students. When I asked him to leave on multiple occasions, he said that this is a free speech zone and that "I am not leaving until you do."
Sorry about the video quality - sometimes it's hard to take a good video incognito! 
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