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In every abortion, there are multiple victims.
Their lives and stories matter.

Every person hurt by abortion deserves to be heard and have their pain seen. Students for Life of America’s See Me Now Campus Tour invites you to see the reality of abortion violence and the pain that it causes abortion victims.  

Abortion harms preborn humans by starving, suctioning, dismembering, or poisoning them. 
Abortion harms women emotionally, psychologically, and physically.  

Abortion's victims are far-reaching: preborn babies, mothers, people of color, lower-income individuals, people with disabilities, pregnant students, athletes, couples with abortion experiences, and so many more. Their pain and suffering cannot continue to be ignored. They are calling out for us to see them and stand up against the violence that hurts them. 

Do you support abortion or consider yourself pro-choice? Are you willing to see the victims of the choice?  

We deserved life and love. Instead, we were aborted.

Viewer discretion advised.

Petition To End Human Dismemberment 

Act now to protect preborn humans from dismemberment. Dismemberment abortions are committed during the second trimester. At that point, babies are fully developed and can likely feel pain. We must help everyone see them as human beings who deserve protection.  

Join the majority of Americans in opposing dismemberment abortions by signing our petition to end dismemberment today! 

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