SFLA In the News

Students for Life of America has been covered in most major news outlets – Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, LA Times, Politico – but also many conservative, pro-life, local and regional outlets as well because we offer a unique perspective on not only abortion but also women’s issues, Millennials and euthanasia. Since SFLA is a national grassroots organization that works extensively with high school and college students, we have our ear to the ground on the topics that students are most concerned about.

Just in the 2014-2015 school year alone, SFLA messages reached over 49.7 million people and had an estimated publicity value of over $1.1 million.

Below is a sampling of recent media coverage of SFLA:

Supreme Court blocks enforcement of Texas anti-abortion law
USA Today – June 30, 2015

Fatherhood Changes Men for the Better: study
Washington Times – June 19, 2015

Millennial Effect? Abortion Rates Are Dropping in the US, According to New Report
National Catholic Register – June 11, 2015

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Texas Law Requiring Hospital Admitting Privileges for Abortionists
Breitbart – June 10, 2015

University pays pro-life student group $20,000 to settle free speech lawsuit
Washington Post- June 4, 2015

High school student’s respect for life gets club started
Arkansas Catholic – May 23, 2015

Law firm claims West Tech sophomore denied right to start pro-life club
Las Vegas Review Journal – May 22, 2015

Pro-Life clubs officially recognized at two Fargo high schools
Valley News Live – May 13, 2015

Pro-life students rally against abortion research at U. of Hawaii
College Fix – May 11, 2015

Pro-life groups work to keep millennials involved after college
World Magazine – May 8, 2015

ASU group helps empower, educate pregnant students
The State Press – April 28, 2015

Pro-Lifers Tell Congress to Revive the 20-Week Ban
Washington Free Beacon – April 23, 2015

Anti-abortion groups protest Planned Parenthood
Dominion Post – April 23, 2015

Anti-abortion student group accuses school of discrimination
Des Moines Register – April 16, 2015

Pro-life display vandalized at Clarion U.
Campus Reform – April 13, 2015

Pro-life clubs face discrimination?
EWTN Nightly News – April 8, 2015

Fargo students say rights violated as district denies anti-abortion clubs
InForum – April 8, 2015

Pro-life groups condemn failure of human trafficking bill
FoxNews.com – March 18, 2015

West Virginia governor vetoes bill banning abortion at 20 weeks
Los Angeles Times – March 3, 2015

Pro-life student club picked as ‘Group of the Year’
Denver Catholic – February 19, 2015

Upcoming ‘Sex Week’ at University of Utah sparks debate on campus
Fox13 Salt Lake City – February 6, 2015

Abortion foes push parental notification, personhood bills
Seattle Times – February 2, 2015

Chief of staff affirms Dem. congressman ‘does not believe in legal protection for females’ in womb (VIDEO)
LifeSiteNews – February 4, 2015

Maryland pro-life conference energizes 2,000 students
Washington Times – January 24, 2015

Abortion poses challenge for GOP in 2016
CNN – January 23, 2015

Anti-Abortion Activists Are Very Frustrated With House Republicans
Cosmopolitan – January 22, 2015

‘Intensity gap’ favors pro-lifers on eve of March for Life
Washington Examiner – January 19, 2015

Supporting Life on Campus
National Catholic Register – January 17, 2105

Helping Moms be Moms
National Review – December 8, 2014

Pro-Life Students Group Debuts ‘Pregnant on Campus’ Website
Breitbart – December 3, 2014

Talking (Very Frankly) About Sex On Campus
NPR – November 28, 204

After Months Of Discrimination, Pro-Life Group FINALLY Allowed On High School Campus
Daily Caller – November 15, 2014

Spreading the pro-life message with compassion
LifeSiteNews – November 11, 2014

New U of M RSO sheds light on sexual assault, abortion rights
Daily Helmsman – October 27, 2014

“Amendment 67 Is Saying… ‘Be Barefoot and Pregnant'”
Huffington Post – October 17, 2014

Planned Parenthood Project in the PSU Park Blocks sparks discourse, debate
The Vanguard – October 17, 2014

Activists Take Fight to Planned Parenthood’s Front Door
Christian Broadcasting Network – October 14, 2014

Pro-Abortion Vandals Cover Up Pro-Life Messages with Swastikas
Shalom Life – October 7, 2014

Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Project comes to EMU
Eastern Echo – September 22, 2014

University of South Alabama sued for restricting pro-life group
Campus Reform – August 29, 2014

Anti-abortion groups want Sen. Mark Udall to support limits on late-term abortions
Denver Post – August 24, 2014

Alabama Judge Rules Abortion Clinic Law Unconstitutional
TIME – August 4, 2014

Hobby Lobby critics spell out their protest at craft store
Washington Times – July 9, 2014

Legal Experts, Advocates React to Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Ruling
Wall Street Journal – June 30, 2014

SCOTUS crowds cheer, jeer ruling
Politico – June 30, 2014

High court voids abortion clinic protest-free zone
Associated Press – June 26, 2014