Leadership Development

We believe that the most effective way to grow the movement is by leading other leaders. We want students who can multiply our efforts by being great leaders. Every single student involved with Students for Life is empowered to be a leader in their group, on their campus, and in their community. Our field team spend time with every group, training their members in basic and advanced leadership skills and principles. In addition to our primary leadership training, we have specific programs designed to cultivate the top student leaders.


Leadership Fellowships

The William Wilberforce and Thaddeus Stevens Leadership Fellowships are year-long programs designed to teach leadership skills to those top college and high school pro-life activists considering a full-time career in the pro-life movement. Through leadership books, bi-weekly webcasts with national pro-life leaders and businessmen, a major pro-life project in at their school, and a mentoring relationship with national conservative & pro-life leaders, we help students become the best leaders and activists in their schools and, ultimately, in their communities. This year we have 12 college Wilberforce fellows and 8 high school Stevens fellows, representing 19 schools. Students for Life’s Leadership Fellowships are the key to training high school and college pro-life leaders.

Leadership Workshops

Every year, we host 15-20 leadership workshops to further develop student leaders in their group’s management and strategy towards ending abortion. This is designed to be a hands-on learning and training experience for students. Students not only attend to hear inspirational ideas, but are given an opportunity to create materials, look through resources, consult with SFLA staff, and develop new ideas for their club all during the workshop. Students benefit from the opportunity to network with their peers and organizations in their community. Go here for a list of this year’s leadership workshops.

Leadership Mentoring

Students for Life Regional Coordinators are leaders in their regions, and part of their mission is to raise up more leaders to multiply their impact. Each year, every Regional Coordinator invests in four of their top students who have shown potential as leaders beyond their campuses and coaches them to be even better leaders. They meet together on a regular basis and the students are given opportunities to lead at community and regional events such as press conferences, rallies, and lobby days.