Success Stories

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2010-2011 Student Success Stories

UWF Students for Life

UWF Students for Life held a meeting that was successful in changing the heart of one of its Legal Studies majors, who was later propelled to begin attending 40 Days for Life activities after hearing about the harms of abortion from fellow classmates.

After standing outside an abortion facility to help with sidewalk counseling, the student was struck by the patients coming in and out of the center and realized she needed to take an even stronger stance on the issue and become more involved.

Shortly after revealing her newfound passion to her boyfriend, the couple discovered they were expecting their first child. Despite pressures to abort from family and friends, the insight the new mother received from her pro-life involvement propelled her to carry to term, and she is now the proud mother of two beautiful twin boys!

Carolina Students for Life

In the fall of 2010, Carolina Students for Life went to great lengths to fight the abortion health care plan provided by the UNC System. After hearing about the controversial plan, Carolina Students for Life organized a campus-wide educational drive where they handed out flyers outlining the abortion policy and hosted a forum with a member of the UNC Administration to explain the abortion health care plan. They also met and worked with members of the UNC Administration to try to change the abortion health care plan and to help students find other options. In addition, they wrote letters to the editor of the UNC newspaper and participated in interviews with local radio stations.

Carolina Students for Life also brought speakers to campus such as a representative from their local Pregnancy Help Center and SFLA Field Director Kortney Blythe. They have been actively fundraising for their local Pregnancy Help Center, and their group raised over $1,200 in the fall of 2010.

Carolina Students for Life showed Bella on their campus and held a button campaign with the pro-life message, “Pro-Woman, Pro-Child, Pro-Life.” In the beginning of October, members of the Carolina Students for Life group participated in a pro-life “lit drop” and Life Chain. In addition, Carolina Students for Life volunteers at their local Pregnancy Help Center on the last Saturday of every month.

University of Akron Students for Life

Akron Students for Life  lead a protest early in this fall when Vice President Joe Biden visited their campus. Akron Students for Life protested by wearing red “Life” tape on their mouths in visible places on campus.

Also, the UA Students for Life hosted a  successful Ohio Students for Life Conference in October with speakers such as Kristan Hawkins and Bryan Kemper from Stand True Ministries.

Recently, UA Students for Life decorated the free speech rock on campus with a pro-life message and are looking to bring more speakers and events to campus next semester.

Providence Christian College

Providence Christian College SFL is a new group that started in the Spring of 2010 and has grown exponentially since.

Last Spring, they participated in options counseling and prayer  vigils in front of their local abortion facility and set up a pro-life display at the Earth Day Fair in San Diego.

This Fall, Providence Christian College SFL organized another day of options counseling and prayer in front of their local abortion facility and the Students for Life group brought Kortney Blythe, Field Director for Students for Life of America and a Pregnancy Resource Center representative to campus for a pro-life training day. The group also sang Christmas carols at the local abortion facility.

Spring Hill College

Spring Hill College Students for Life has 30 members of their group and over 100 people that receive their email and Facebook updates.

Last year, they participated in their 40 Days for Life campaign, the National Silent Day of Solidarity, organized a candle light vigil for the preborn, created a pro-life hand print banner, and co-hosted a debate on campus on Ordinary vs. Extraordinary care and Terri Schiavo. They also hosted several a successful fundraisers for their local pregnancy center and held a Rock for Life concert on campus.

Spring Hill College has done amazing pro-life work, and have become one of the most successful groups on their campus.

Concordia College Cobbers for Life

Cobbers for Life began in the Spring of 2011, and they already have been quite active on campus and in their community. They have participated in 40 Days for Life campaigns in Fargo, North Dakota, a Life Walk to benefit their local Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), organized a fundraiser during Homecoming Week, and organized an indoor Cemetery of the Innocents display. This February, they were also able to organize events for Black History Month on campus.

This spring, Cobbers for Life is planning to bring the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) to campus, organizing a Fall training conference, and assisting in the First Choice Clinic (Local PRC) with their March 7th Banquet.

Triad Students for Life

Triad Students for Life is a regional students for life group in North Carolina that has been incredibly active in engaging pro-life youth in their region.

TriadSFL has a regular newsletter that they publish and creatively fundraise not only for their group but for local Pregnancy Help Centers with events such as yard sales and their upcoming inaugural banquet. TraidSFL also participated in Life Chain and host monthly speakers  such as Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, 40 Days for Life representatives, Pregnancy Help Center representatives, and Amanda Lord from Students for Life.

TriadSFL was also able to bring a group up from North Carolina for the March for Life in January and created March for Life t-shirts for their group.

TriadSFL is also very politically active as they made calls for pro-life U.S. Senator Richard Burr and stood up to Senator Hagan at a town hall they were at. Watch their exchange here.

While organizing and hosting the events above, TriadSFL is also planning more amazing events such as their 2nd Annual pro-life retreat this summer, their first banquet, and they are organizing a new group: Carolina Teens for Life, a coalition of pro-life teen groups in North Carolina.

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