Planned Parenthood Display

There are so many different aspects about Planned Parenthood that are fruitful to talk about on campus. The might of their rhetoric has many of our peers misinformed, and it’s up to us to share the truth. There are a lot of different things to talk about as it relates to Planned Parenthood: the 3% myth, the sale of fetal body parts, their shady politics – the list goes on, and SFLA can help you hone in on which your group would like to focus on for your display.

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • “What Does PP Have Planned for You?” topic cards
  • “Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Business” training
  • “The Planned Parenthood Project” large banner display
    • PP Project topic cards
  • “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” large banner display
    • WDNPP topic cards

Steps for a Large Banner Display about Planned Parenthood:

  1. Contact your Regional Coordinator.
    • Request a banner display and the accompanying materials for a specific date and time.
    • Arrange a time for your group members who will be participating in the display to complete a training about the content with your Regional Coordinator; this is mandatory.
  2. Reserve a place on campus for the display.
    • Contact your administration, and follow their steps for reserving a space and a table.
    • A high-traffic area is best, whether that is inside or outside. For college groups, try to do the display multiple days with different class schedules to reach more students. We recommend the time slot of 9am-2pm.
  3. Pack your materials.
    • Your Regional Coordinator will bring the display banners and cards, but you need recruiting tools to gather the contact information of interested pro-life students. Consider using either a clipboard or a laptop/iPad.
    • “Join Us” topic cards are helpful for recruitment, especially if you personalize them with your club’s info on the back.
  4. Organize workers for the display.
    • Ask group members to sign-up in shifts to host the display. Assign at least two members to be present at all times and especially for set-up. An easy way to keep your list of volunteers organized is a Google doc or similar. Email or post it on your group’s private Facebook page.
  5. Host the display!
    • Pass-out as many of the Planned Parenthood topic cards as you can, and use them to start conversations. Have a good attitude and encourage people to share their opinion on the display content.
    • If someone is upset and angry, stay calm. Remember, you don’t know their story. They may have been hurt by abortion in their past. You should always strive to be a good ambassador for your group, Students for Life of America, and the pro-life movement. Be loving, be kind, be truthful and your display will touch many people.


 Other Planned Parenthood Displays

While these large SFLA banner displays are fantastic, ready-to-go tools for a great outreach event, they aren’t your only option for doing a display about Planned Parenthood.

  1. Host a poll table specifically about defunding Planned Parenthood. Put-up a “Yes” board and a “No” board and have conversations about it.
    • “We Don’t Need PP” topic cards are a helpful resource.
  2. Do a pink Cemetery of the Innocents display, memorializing the victims of Planned Parenthood.
    • Display of one hour (about 37 babies)
    • Display of one day (about 887 babies)
  3. Address the 3% myth.
    • Check out this SFLA video ( and Live Action’s video ( about this myth.
    • Set-up a table with these videos queued up on laptops or iPads, and ask people to watch. Perhaps even reward a viewing with candy/cookie/donut, etc.
    • This type of event has a lot of different variations; SFLA and Live Action’s YouTube channels have tons of informative videos about Planned Parenthood that you can use in this way.


The Sky is the Limit

If you have a different idea about a Planned Parenthood display, run it by your Regional Coordinator! He/she would love to hear about it, and maybe even help your group carry it out. As mentioned, there are SO many different aspects of Planned Parenthood to talk about, so be creative. You know your campus best!

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.