Stephanie Luiz

New England Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Stephanie Luiz grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Northeastern University after studying Political Science and Economics.

Despite growing up in one of the nation’s most pro-abortion states, Stephanie’s mother always reminded her of the inherent human dignity of all persons beginning at conception. Upon watching a video describing a second-trimester dilation and evacuation abortion while in high school, Stephanie internalized the immorality of the violence and committed herself to the pro-life movement.

In college, after volunteering for two pregnancy resource centers, Stephanie became involved in pro-life activism in Boston and her university. She regularly lobbied Northeastern’s administration to provide more resources for parenting students, organized counter-protests of abortion events, and fostered conversations to change hearts and minds on abortion.

Stephanie currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s New England Regional Coordinator. This work includes empowering pro-life student leaders, facilitating conversations to inform the New England community about the evil of abortion, and guiding parents toward life-affirming resources.

Stephanie can be contacted at [email protected].

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