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Paige Farquhar

Leadership Initiatives Intern
[email protected]

Paige Farquhar grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from Liberty University after studying Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Philosophy.

She has had a passion for the pro-life cause since she was exposed to the atrocity of abortion as a child. She was given the chance to engage in activism as her school’s Political Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator as well as a Christian Leadership Fellow and member of the SCOTUS Squad with SFLA.

Paige currently lives in Lynchburg, Virginia and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s Leaderships Initiatives Intern. This work includes assisting members of the Leadership Initiatives team to help pro-life students leaders launch into pro-life careers through SFLA’s National Leaders Collective.

Paige can be reached at [email protected].