Kyle Poen

Midwest Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Kyle Poen grew up in Lake City, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University after studying Agricultural Business and International Agriculture.

Kyle has always been pro-life and became actively involved after seeing how important of an issue it is by learning how an abortion is committed and the negative effects that follow.  He believes that being pro-life is not only logically consistent with science and law, but also deeply rooted in morals derived from faith in God.  He thinks that the abortion industry was founded on evil roots and that we will look back on this time in history with disgust and think, “How did we ever allow this to happen?”

Kyle was a member of Students for Life at Iowa State and organized multiple pro-life activities as President of his Young Americans for Freedom chapter.

Kyle currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s Midwest Regional Coordinator. This work includes advising student leaders, speaking about the tragedy of abortion, and building coalitions throughout South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Kyle can be contacted at [email protected].