Why You Should Start a Chapter

Young people have been vital to the success of almost every social movement over the last few centuries. Recognizing this, Students for Life set out to change the face of the pro-life movement, recruiting and training thousands of students, building the pro-life generation. However, when students graduate, they often can’t find a place to significantly continue their pro-life involvement. They drift away and we are losing pro-life activists. A movement cannot be sustained that way. Pro-Life Future chapters are necessary for our movement to continue to grow. Pro-Life Future provides the community and the relationships that are essential to keeping young people involved in the pro-life movement. We know that the single most important factor in someone entering or staying in a movement is feeling like she belongs. In college, the Students for Life group becomes like a family to many. And when they graduate, that feeling is immediately cut off.

But Pro-Life Future can fill that void, providing a home in the pro-life movement to the thousands of young people who graduate every year. You need a Pro-Life Future chapter in your city for the same reasons you needed one on your campus. Through a chapter, you can better mobilize and organize activists and supporters. You can be more efficient in accomplishing the mission. And an organized chapter provides legitimacy to the movement in you community. It says that we are here to make change in our city.

Pro-Life Future is the next step in the pro-life movement. We are trained to be leaders. Now, it is time to go out and lead.