2013 Medical Students for Life Fall Tour

Medical Students for Life of America is proud to announce our 2013 Spring Medical Students for Life Tour. We will be traveling to medical schools across the country with pro-life doctors who will provide medically-accurate lectures on issues such as perinatal hospice, embryo adoption, counseling patients with an medical ethics, things you should know as a pro-life ObGyn, and conscience rights. Partnering with doctors from around the country, we will be working with Medical students to prepare them for a career as a pro-life physician. Every lecture will either be live broadcast or recorded and available at dev.studentsforlife.org/med-law.

Confirmed 2013 Fall MedSFL National Speaking Tour Stops
(Other schools and dates to be added)

October 29th: University of California- Davis
October 30th: College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (OR)
October 31st: Oregon Health Sciences University
November 1st: Pacific Northwest University, School of Health Sciences (WA)
November 11th: Ohio State University
November 12th: University of Pittsburgh
November 22nd: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (ME)