Get Educated

Being an abortion abolitionist means that you need to learn everything that you can about the tragedy of abortion because you will be the greatest advocate the preborn and their mothers have in your school and community. Learning how to defend and express the pro-life position in a calm, caring, and persuasive manner is the key to changing hearts and minds. Use these pages to start learning about abortion and the pro-life movement.

Just the basics

The Abortion Industry

Exceptions & Hard Cases

Beyond Abortion

Movies, Papers, & more

Looking for more ways to “Get Educated”? At the 2014 SFLA National Conference, SFLA hosted a number of world-renown pro-life speakers to help you become equipped to Be to Revolution on your college campus! You can watch the videos from our general sessions and learn more about being a Abortionist Abolitionist here. Here is one of our favorites:

Stephanie Gray – Answering the “I am Pro-Life but…”