Flyers are an easy way to attract attention to your group meetings and events! Keep them clean, simple, and attractive. Come up with clever phrases or themes to catch the eye. You will be competing with many other groups at your school for your peers’ attention; so you will want your poster to stand out among the many.

Be sure to post these in easy to view spots and dominant locations at your school! Whether you are posting the cafe, the bathroom, or the library, make sure that your poster is easy to spot among the many distractions. More importantly, make sure that  you have the proper permissions to post in each location.

We offer many flyers that student groups can customize to fit their needs at your school. Click on the flyers below for an enlarged image. Please print these out and use them at your school!

All images can be downloaded and printed as 8″ x 11″ posters. Having issues downloading flyers? Contact us at

How to Download and Print Flyers


Flyering Campaigns for your school