Find Like-Minded People

You don’t have to start a pro-life group on your own. While you have probably identified some like-minded students while assessing your school’s environment, now is the time to form your core group of leaders. Remember, your leadership capacity will grow exponentially if you can surround yourself with other leaders who can take on some responsibility.

Start with the low-hanging fruit. Speak to students in other groups at your school, or whom you know from class, who you know are pro-life and would be good leaders. Share your vision for the pro-life group with them and talk to them about how they can contribute to changing hearts and minds, and saving lives. Create a Facebook group and email account to contact and stay in touch with other students. Having these from the beginning will create a sense of organization and identity for your club. And communication will be much easier for you.

Try to form a diverse leadership group. While it may be easy to recruit your friends, find pro-life leaders from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious affiliations. Other students will not join the group if they think they won’t fit in, so show them that all types of people are welcome and involved in your club. For more help with recruiting and retaining members, contact SFLA for a FREE training.

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