Adoption, Another Option

Adoption- A Redemptive ResponseThere may be times when a mother facing an unplanned pregnancy may feel completely unequipped to parent her child. She may feel her only option is to kill her preborn child. Pro-life individuals touch lives by helping women place their baby or child for adoption. It is important to show women in your community that adoption can be the answer to all of her fears.

When talking with adopted parents or foster parents, no matter what the circumstances were that brought that child into their lives, be it genetics or adoption, they love that child dearly.

Some adoptive parents have suffered under the scrutiny of strangers. Looks of confusion when the skin of their child is a bit darker than their own, a blondie found among a family of red heads, or a nose that doesn’t quite look like Mom or Dad’s. Questions like, “I know she isn’t your child, but is she, you know, yours”? Of course she is! No matter how a child came into their family, their union should be handled with compassion and love. Families that bring-up an adopted child should celebrated, not be scrutinized.

Adoptees are some of the strongest people in the world. They not only have to push through the emotional struggle of not knowing their birth parents, but they sometimes look so different from their family that they must overcome the idea that complete strangers know that they came into their family through adoption.

Most women who place their child for adoption faced an unplanned pregnancy and may have considered aborting their preborn children. Pro-lifers should rejoice with a person who has been adopted…that person’s very life may have been saved because of adoption!

Today, 46% of abortions are performed on college aged women, which means that women on campuses across the country are facing unplanned pregnancies and need to hear the message of adoption.

Take Action

Here are some ways student groups can take action at their school:


Organize a flyer campaign at your school to raise awareness about adoption. Schedule a 2-week campaign into your group’s event plans for this semester. Here’s what you can do:

Week 1: Post these flyers around your school:

Week 2: Replace the flyers from week 1 with these flyers!

Do you need more flyers? You can also use these Feminist for Life flyers!

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National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month and is our chance to stand united with all members of the adoption triad. It is our chance to not only save babies, but to celebrate with those who are adopting and to help women facing unplanned pregnancies!

Find Support and Resources

If you or someone you know is considering adoption, check out our Adoption Resources pages for more information and support. Check out the following links for answers to your adoption questions:


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