Get Educated

Educating yourself and your fellow pro-life club members is very important to the success of your group. Being knowledgeable in a variety of life issues topics will prepare you to answer tough questions with confidence and tact. Start making steps towards improving your knowledge today. Ask yourself “What do I know about the beginning of life, the effect abortion has on women, what abortion is, why we must be pro-life in all cases — no exceptions?”

  • The best way to learn is to educate yourself.
  • You don’t need to be an expert before you begin. Just know the basics. Education is an ongoing process.
  • Know the basic arguments and responses from both sides. (Check out Pro-life Answers to Pro-choice Questions or Pro-Life 101)
  • Keep up to date on issues. (Subscribe to LifeNews)
  • Find your local pro-life organization and pregnancy counseling center for information and to help you get started.
    • These groups could also help provide speakers at meetings, literature, and general support

Find the Information you need

These pages offer over 20 unique topic pages that offer talking points, statistics, research, personal testimonies, additional sources, and more! Click on your educational level, and get educated!