Did Roe Help These Women?


Abortion advocates claim that abortion is needed to save women’s lives. But how did Roe help Jennifer, Karnamaya, Tonya, Marla and so many more women like them?


Jennifer Morbelli was killed by LeRoy Carhart in an attempted abortion 33 weeks into her pregnancy.[i] While doctors at the hospital tried to figure out what was wrong, Carhart was hundreds of miles away committing abortions in another state.


Karnamaya Mongar was killed by Kermit Gosnell in 2009 in his “House of Horrors.”[ii]


Tonya Reaves was left alone while bleeding profusely for more than 5 hours before the Planned Parenthood of Chicago staff who committed the abortion bothered to call for an ambulance. She died from her abortion injuries.[iii]

Marla Cardamone was killed by legal abortion in 1989 when abortionist Michael Weinberger botched the abortion.[iv] The display includes Marla’s autopsy photo, showing what abortion does to women.

Note: For questions about the use of this image, see the endorsement letter from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of  Priests for Life.