Why You Should Start a Group

Student activism has been vital in the success of many social movements throughout history, and the pro-life movement depends on successful youth organizing. Your peers are forming their views on abortion and other key issues, and now is the time to change hearts and minds. You can speak to your fellow students as the face of the pro-life movement on your campus. Moreover, a successful pro-life group can make a significant impact on the lives of students at your school.

Most schools make free resources available to official clubs- such as funding from student activities, office space, an email account, printing and copying, supplies, and campus space. As an organized group, you can establish a lasting legacy that will continue to make an impact long after you graduate. You also have greater freedom and ability to recruit, hold meetings, and advertise.

An organized club can be so much more successful than one or a few students acting alone. You will see your influence, leadership, and effectiveness grow exponentially with an organized club. By taking just a few simple steps to get started, you can change hearts, change minds and save lives.

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