They need all the voices they can get to speak for them…

I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your tireless efforts to abolish abortion. I have two children, 14 years apart, and was told by specialists that I wouldn’t survive either pregnancy. My son is 15 and my daughter just turned 1. My son was a triplet but the girls died in the womb. With my daughter, I had 3 specialists insist on terminating the pregnancy due to a uterine tumor that was growing fast. I refused and explained that regardless of the complications, this was my child and not only was I speaking for myself, but for her as well, and she doesn’t wish to be murdered… this conversation took place during a sonogram and just as I said it, she put her face and one hand right up to the camera as if to say ” Hi!”. The doctor, with a tear in his eye told me that he understood but could not participate in my care.

My daughter was born by C-section, weighed 7’3 and the tumor that was crowding her out weighed 7’1. Although she was conceived after a partial hysterectomy and a uterine ablation ( was not planned, heck, not even supposed to be possible ) she is a wonderful blessing in my life. She is a happy, healthy, intelligent little girl.

Keep fighting for the preborn children. They need all the voices they can get to speak for them… they are simply too small to speak loudly enough to be heard.

– Sunshine, student