Florida International University, John Scharfenburger

About 5-6  members of a newly created pro-life group at Florida International University recently went to pray at Miami’s largest abortion clinic, A Women’s Choice. They spent an hour or so silently praying and noticed a young woman, around 18 years old, who entered the abortion clinic. She came out twice within the hour but went back in both times. She came out an hour later – noticeably upset – and went over to the students who were praying. She informed them that she had scheduled an abortion but did not go through with it after seeing them outside praying. She noted that seeing young people her age praying made her rethink her situation. In the end, they exchanged contact information.

This group was started just one week prior to this child being saved and they already have recruited over 40 students via clip boarding on campus. Two students met with SFLA Pregnant on Campus Coordinator, Jon Scharfenberger, just two weeks prior to this save and now have an up-and-running pro-life group making an impact within their local community!

*May 1, 2012