Activism Kit

Students for Life of America has all the resources you need to get started as a pro-life activist. We have a College Activism Kit which will help you take the first steps towards starting a pro-life group at your school. To order a college activism kit, contact your Regional Coordinator for the “FREE” code and order here –

College Activism Kits include:

      • Abortion Facts and Statistics
      • Fetal Development Information
      • Adoption Information
      • How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5 Minutes or Less by Scott Klusendorf
      • Watch Your Rhetoric
      • College Guidebook
      • Sample Meeting Agendas
      • Event Ideas
      • Advanced Strategy Handbook
      • Pro-Life Student Rights at Public Colleges and Universities
      • Fundraising 101
      • A FREE copy of Students for Life by Scott Klusendorf and Scott Ensor
      • And other Free Resources Students for Life has to offer YOU!

And also include samples of the following SFLA postcards:

      • What about the life and health of the mother?
      • What about abortion in cases of rape and incest?
      • Does overpopulation justify abortion?
      • What does Planned Parenthood really have planned for you?
      • Does legal abortion really help women?
      • And More!