Classroom Display

More often than not, the majority of your student body doesn’t understand or fully comprehend the amount of lives lost to abortion every day. It’s up to you to share the truth and reality of abortion. A classroom display helps to show students how abortion truly affects them. One-fourth of their class is missing because of abortion, and they need to see that.

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • “Recruiting and Retention” training
  • Graphics advice


  1. Determine which classrooms you would like to host the display in. Large lecture halls are perfect for colleges. In high schools, any classroom will do!
    • If you’re in high school, ask your administration for permission and learn about any restrictions or requirements to host your display. In college, many groups get away with doing displays like this without needing a reservation. Use your best judgement!
    • Remember, the goal is to put flyers on every 4th seat in the classroom to represent the ¼ of the class missing due to abortion.
  2. Start designing the flyers. It is best to keep this brief and to the point.
    • For example, “1/4 of our class is missing today because of abortion. What are you doing to stop this injustice?”
  • If you would like to use this as a recruiting and public event, add your group name and social media information.
  1. Recruit members to help distribute flyers. Hand out flyers later in the day, after classes are completed, or early in the morning. Wait until Custodians are finished cleaning up rooms so they don’t throw away your flyers!
  2. Distribute! This is a fun bonding event with members, so make it exciting. Distribute flyers as a group and then go out for frozen yogurt or pizza afterwards!

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.