Activism Kit

Students for Life of America has all the resources you need to get started as a pro-life campus activist. We have a “Get Started!” activism kit which will help you take the first steps towards starting a pro-life group at your school. We have basic, intermediate and advanced versions. To request a “Get Started!” activism kit, email Beth O’Malley at with your name and the school where you would like to start a group.

The basic activism kit is FREE and comes as a PDF version of:

  • “Dear Pro-Life Leader” letter from SFLA President Kristan Hawkins
  • What Can SFLA Provide For Your Student Group
  • Sample Constitution
  • Meeting Agendas (Meetings 1-5, Officers)
  • ADF Students Rights to Form and Fund a Student Organization
  • Some Facts About Abortion
  • Abortion Techniques
  • Is It A Baby Now?
  • Adoption
  • The Case for Personhood
  • Rhetoric: The Battle for Words IS the Battle for Hearts & Minds
  • How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Why Cemeteries of the Innocents?
  • 5 Steps for a Successful Diaper Drive
  • Facts about the cost of diapers
  • 5 Steps for a Diaper Drive at a Business

The intermediate activism kit can be purchased for $5.50 from our online store (link) and comes with the basic activism kit plus:

  • SFLA Activism Workbook
  • SFLA Advanced Strategy Handbook
  • Pregnant and Parenting Students’ Rights
  •  How Students Can Work with Local Pregnancy Help Centers (PHC)
  • Pregnant? (Courageous Choice)
  • 50 Years of the Pill: Shocking Statistics (Human Life International)
  • “The Best Pro-Life Arguments For Secular Audiences” (Family Research Council)
  • Live Action’s “The Advocate”
  • “Raising Kids on a Shoestring” (Feminists for Life)
  • Pregnancy Outreach Flyers (What if they say, They say you’ll never)
  • “Imposed Death:” (Human Life Alliance)
  • “She’s a Child Not a Choice” (Human Life Alliance)
  • 180 (dvd)
  • “Freedom Economics and Human Dignity” (Heritage Foundation)
  • Tools of Mass Destruction card (
  • Pregnant? You are not alone. (Adoption Network)
  • You Care About Me, Right? (
  • Pro-Life bumper sticker (Crossroads)
  • Why Aren’t Women Being Told? (ABC Coalition)

And samples of the following SFLA postcards:

  • Personhood
  • Health of the Mother
  • Social Justice
  • Rape and Incest
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Pregnant on Campus
  • SFLA Resources
  • Abolish Abortion
  • Turn the Tide
  • Med Students for Life
  • High School Students for Life

And for $11.50, you can order the advanced activism kit by contacting Beth at This kit includes stacks of all the resources from the intermediate kit so that you can start handing out pro-life literature on your campus.