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We get it. Abortion is a difficult subject to talk about. Many have personal experiences to process. Some have questions that need to be answered right now. Others just want to find the truth, without shouting or judgement.   



We exist to abolish abortion, making it illegal and unthinkable, in our lifetime. We will achieve this by converting, training, and mobilizing those most targeted by the abortion industry.

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 Abortion Procedures 

What really happens during an abortion? Can the baby feel what is happening? 

What is the most common type of abortion?

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Planned Parenthood

How many abortions does Planned Parenthood perform per day? 

What’s so wrong with Planned Parenthood? 

Has Planned Parenthood really failed their health inspections?  

I’m pregnant and in school, what resources are there for students? 

My friend is pregnant, and I think she might have an abortion. How can I help her?

Pregnancy Resources

Difficult Circumstances

Is abortion necessary if the mother’s life is at risk? 

What would you say in cases of rape or incest? 

Isn’t it better to choose abortion instead of raising a child in poverty?

I am already pro-life, but I want to do more! 

I am interested in starting a Students for Life group at my school; how do I get started? 

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This is your opportunity to ask any question you have about abortion, in a safe space. We also encourage you to share this website with your friends because while we believe abortion should be illegal and unthinkable, we didn’t always. Along the way, someone answered questions for us too. 

We want to do the same for you! 

We promise to always give you honest and respectful answers. 

And never judgement. 

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