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Q&A Guide to Understanding Contraception and How the Abortion Lobby Lies About It

Caroline Wharton - 14 Jun 2022

As we await the upcoming Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision, our nation is discussing what a Post-Roe America will look like, and if you’ve been listening to abortion supporters lately, they’ve been making some pretty wild claims about what will happen with contraception once Roe is reversed—namely, that contraception won’t be available anymore. This fearmongering tactic is made possible because of a general misunderstanding of the difference between contraception and abortifacients.   

But as Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins told the New York Times recently, there is a huge difference between the two, which Corporate Abortion likes to deceptively cover up, noting, “This is ‘the con’ in contraception.” 

What is contraception?  

The word ‘contraception’ literally means ‘no conception’ because contraceptive drugs and devices are designed to prevent fertilization, which is the creation of a new, unique human being through the coupling of sperm and egg.  


Different forms of contraception include male and female condoms, vaginal sponges, sterilization (vasectomies or tubal ligation), spermicide, diaphragms, and cervical caps/shields. Other methods which can prevent contraception include fertility awareness methods (sometimes called natural family planning or green sex) and abstinence.  

How does the pro-life movement view contraception?  

The pro-life movement at large does not have a position on contraception because contraception doesn’t kill. Our movement is concerned with ending the legalization and societal acceptance of murder through inhumane methods such as abortion and euthanasia. As long as something is not killing or abusing human beings, the pro-life movement doesn’t have a stance on it because that means it isn’t our issue.  

Well, aren’t some members of the pro-life movement Catholic and therefore oppose contraception?  

Yes, some members of the pro-life movement are Catholic and because of their religious beliefs, they do not support contraception—so what? That’s their right, and the Constitution guarantees that their conscience rights be protected.  Some pro-life advocates are also gluten-free, but we don’t all pass on the pasta.  

What is an abortifacient?  

The word ‘abortifacient’ means the potential to cause the death of a human being in the womb because abortifacient drugs and devices can potentially end a preborn child’s life by making conditions for the fertilized egg unlivable. Even when these abortifacient drugs and devices are used consistently, conception is still possible, and when an egg is fertilized to become a unique human being, abortifacients create an artificial hostile environment which can kill a newly conceived human being … a fact well known to those who make such drugs and devices (as you can tell when you read the packaging.) 


Different forms of abortifacients include birth control pills, Plan B and ella, intrauterine devices (also known as IUDs; both copper and hormonal), hormonal vaginal rings, hormonal patches, hormonal shots, and hormonal implants.  

How does the pro-life movement view abortifacients?  

The pro-life movement strongly opposes abortifacients because they can result in the death of human beings—and we think killing innocent people is wrong. It’s wrong to kill an embryo through an abortifacient just like it’s wrong to kill a fetus through abortion or an elderly person through euthanasia. It is theologically consistent and morally sound that it is wrong to kill an innocent person regardless of what point in time they happen to be in their lifetime.  

I keep hearing that the pro-life movement is trying to ban some forms of birth control, though.  

That is one of the abortion lobby’s favorite talkers, but you need to dig deeper the next time you hear this. What drugs and devices are they talking about? If you ask, chances are pretty good that you’ll be told about Plan B, birth control pills, IUDS, or just about any other abortifacient—but they won’t call them “abortifacients.” Instead, the abortion lobby sneakily uses the seemingly innocent term “birth control,” deceptively misidentifying   these abortifacients as contraception.  

Don’t let the abortion lobby fool you when they lie about what it is and isn’t contraception, and don’t let these lies go unchallenged, either. Read the packaging and get the facts. There is a very real difference—truly a matter of life and death—between abortifacients and contraceptives. The next time you hear this myth, speak up and ask, does your drug or device prevent a new human being from being conceived, or does it create a hostile environment designed to kill a preborn baby?  

If you’re ending life, that’s abortion.  

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