Students For Life Leader: 'The Only Permit You Need For Speech Is The First Amendment': On Thursday, March 21st, President Trump invited numerous students and conservative activists to the White House to unveil an executive order to protect the free-speech rights of all students on college campuses. One of the students invited was Students for Life leader Ellie Wittman, a student at Miami University-Oxford. While a student at the Miami University-Hamilton campus, Wittman successfully sued her school, with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, over mandated trigger warnings. Not only did Wittman attend the event, but she was one of the few students chosen to share her story about fighting for her free-speech rights. You can watch her remarks below:   Ellie is also a Wilberforce Fellow for Students for Life of America, which means she is one of the top Students for Life leaders and receives mentoring from pro-life leaders. As part of her Wilberforce project, she is working on legislation in Ohio to inform women about abortion pill reversal (RU-486) reversal. Earlier yesterday, Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, published an op-ed on Fox News where she detailed the consequences of suppressing free-speech on college campuses. Hawkins noted, "A pattern of harassment on school campuses is well documented as student governments and school officials use a virtual poll tax on speech they don’t like with fees, denial of the use school fees for pro-life events, a Heckler’s veto in which any disgruntled student can shut down an event, or require “Trigger Warnings” that pro-life speech is imminent. Such administrative weapons are commonly employed against those who support both mother and pre-born infant. Meanwhile, vandalism and outright theft of pro-life displays is a common occurrence when students go out to engage their peers in conversation. And now students also face threats of violence." Students for Life of America will continue to fight for the free-speech rights of all people. If you wish to share this blog in its entirety please e-mail Matt Lamb at for permission. 
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January 21, 2019