Trump Administration Moves To End Exploitation Of Aborted Babies:   In a victory for pro-life groups and the rights of preborn children, the Department of Health and Human Services has begun seeking alternatives to fetal tissue research, with a likely end goal of ending the exploitation of aborted babies under the guise of science.  HHS published a Notice of Intent, which tells the scientific community that they are seeking to grant money to research that does not involve aborted babies. Many researchers, no doubt cheered on by corporations like Planned Parenthood that sell aborted baby body parts, are claiming that many diseases can only be cured by aborted fetal tissue. Yet, science should always be geared towards not only curing diseases and understanding diseases, but also conducting it in an ethical way that does not exploit aborted babies.  Recently, Students for Life of America and other pro-life groups released a letter to demand the Trump administration defund Planned Parenthood, including ending federally-funded fetal tissue research, which can be a source of revenue for Planned Parenthood and other abortion corporations.  The demands include: 
  • Refuse to sign any budget that doesn’t defund Planned Parenthood where possible. 
  • Formalize as quickly as possible the Protect Life rule for the Title X regulations as a starting point for separating abortion providers like Planned Parenthood from family planning dollars. 
  • Continue to appoint judges who respect life in law. 
  • End the funding of fetal tissue research through Health and Human Services monies, as abortion providers like Planned Parenthood earn additional monies by selling the broken bodies of aborted infants. 
  • Sever the connection between sex education and abortion providers through restrictions on federal grants where possible. Planned Parenthood should not be able to use sex education programs as their own person marketing slush fund, to instruct teens to buy their products and engage in behaviors they endorse, and then selling abortions to those same students when their advice and products fail. 
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November 8, 2018