Baby Survives Three Appointments at Planned Parenthood:     On December 19, 2018, a young woman came in to our pregnancy help center, referred by one of the sidewalk advocates. She knew she was pregnant. She was carrying an ultrasound image in her hand. She was crying and very scared. I introduced myself to her and asked what the reason was that she was going to Planned Parenthood. She said she had two kids and that she was not ready to care for a third child, and that she was also fearful of the reaction her coworkers were going to have towards her. She was afraid of gaining weight, she was afraid of people’s judgment because she was pregnant from a third man and people knew that her kids had different fathers, so she made an appointment for an abortion. I reassured her that I would help her out in any way possible. I would even go with her to the gym! She knew she was having a baby boy, and that she was 12 weeks pregnant. I told her I would help her find a job after she had the baby and that she was strong and that she was not alone. I even explained that my mom successfully raised her children alone, and if my mom could do it, so can she. As the appointment went on, we continued to address all her concerns and worries. I asked her if she knew what an abortion procedure consisted of, and she said that she did not know. I said we had a video, but that it was graphic. She said that she wanted to watch it. I showed her the video of former abortionist Dr. Levatino explaining the procedure. She responded that it was horrible, and she was not aware of how abortions were carried out. She said that she was glad that we had talked and that she was going to have her baby. But on January 7th, she texted me again saying she could not have the baby and that she was sorry, but she had an abortion appointment for the next day. I told her that I could not force her to make either choice, but that I was still here for anything that she needed. After constant prayer, the heavy snow that came down on Yakima must have been a sign from God to stop her from going to the appointment. She contacted me the next day and asked me if I was busy. I replied that I was not, and that she could come back to the pregnancy center. I waited, but there was no sign of her. After a while, she texted me asking again if we could talk. We met at McDonald’s and talked for about an hour. She confessed that she did not go to her appointment. She just could not do it. I asked if there was anything at all that she needed from us. Her response was that she was very depressed. I told her about Catholic Charities and their great counseling services, even offering to make her an appointment there. I also referred her to the Prepares Program for extra support if she needed it. She had a struggle with choosing life but has kept in touch with me over time. On February 10th, she texted again and said that both decisions were scary to her. I reminded her that she had a 20+ week old baby inside of her who is waiting to meet her. She called me on Tuesday February 12th and said she was at Planned Parenthood again. I said I would be there in a couple of minutes and I asked her to wait for me. She said that she was going to think about it and call me back. She did not contact me again until March 4th. I waited anxiously. When she did reach out again, for the third time she told me she did not go through with the abortion. Students for Life of Yakima will be hosting a baby shower for her sometime in April and she will get to meet everyone who has been praying for her. I personally will continue to pray for her until the baby is born. Written by a Students for Life student leader in Washington State. 
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September 12, 2018