Millennials Oppose Selling Abortion Drugs Online:

According to research conducted by the Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, the research arm of Students for Life of America, 56 percent of Millennials, oppose selling chemical abortion drugs on-line or dropping the requirement for a physical exam because of the risks to women. 

This is a huge issue, because some groups are already online that sell chemical abortion drugs to teenagers and older. Though the groups claim they have safeguards in place, a Students for Life test of the website showed that in fact it is easy to get around the age safeguards.

Chemical abortion drugs, like RU-486, are dangerous for women and, because the risks are often not explained, especially online, are particularly dangerous without the oversight of a doctor. Although radical abortion drugs want to flood college and high school campuses with chemical abortion drugs through the Internet, the poll commissioned by Students for Life of America shows that Millennials, the group targeted for these ads, reject selling abortion drugs online.

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, has pointed out before, " The FDA reports that these drug-induced abortions have led to cases of extreme bleeding, infection and incomplete abortions requiring surgery, and even to the deaths of women. The drugs are especially dangerous to women who are later in pregnancy or experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, both conditions which must be determined by an ultrasound (using equipment not usually found in a college health center).”

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August 16, 2018